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Yeah!  FotoTiger now public in Google Play store.  Thanks for your help testing during the beta phase.  We look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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I'm finally getting used to this winter stuff... love saucer sledding and am looking forward to snowboarding next.

Stay tuned - we are busy working on the Apple version of FotoTiger and it is looking really good!

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FotoTiger says "can someone lend me a paw?  it didn't look that deep when I took the first step!".

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FotoTiger having a cup of java to get going this morning.

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hi folks, we are changing the app name from Fotobounce Mobile to FotoTiger.  The current app for Fotobounce Mobile will be discontinued and we will have a replacement app called FotoTiger that will have a much smoother user experience and better face recognition.  This will all happen within the next 2 - 3 weeks.  

Note: we have also just released a sister product called "FotoTiger for Facebook" that is designed solely for posting photos to Facebook using private face recognition and tagging on your phone.   You can find this app at the link below: 

Hi Folks, we have changed the name of the app to FotoTiger and will be releasing the new app to Google Play in the next few weeks.  

Thanks for your feedback to date.  We are making significant improvements to the speed, accuracy and workflow in the new release.

Dear testers,
A new, polished version of Fotobounce is available in the Play Store.
We are planning some exciting new features. Unfortunately, for them to work, we had to modify the app in a way that won't let you upgrade from the previous version. Please uninstall the current version before installing the latest one from the store.
Thank you for your continuing support.

Welcome to the official testing group for FotoTiger.  We really appreciate your support in helping us launch this new application!

The most precious moments of our lives are created when we connect with other people... typically our family and friends.  We often capture these fleeting moments with our camera phones, small mementos of events, get-togethers, achievements, birthday candles, home runs, awards, speeches and reunions. Our lives described frame by remarkable frame. These photos, like the moments, are better when easily shared. 

Now you can do this! Take a photo with your native camera app and FotoTiger will instantly face-match the people, and optionally and privately share the moment with the people in the photo. Friends receive the shared photos including the people tags - and if they get the app they can share back with you.  Allowing your private social network to connect like never before.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Alpha version 1.0.1 now available on Google Play Store.
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