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It's the End of the world! (Again)

Come join the live chat:

Microphone and headphones required

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PPAP: Jesus Christianity Jailed For Making Bomb Threats

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PPAP: 'Militant Atheist' In Line To Be US Navy Chaplain

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Florida House votes to force schools to display ‘In God We Trust’ a day after refusing to consider gun control

Do they REALLY think doing that will somehow make people shoot less or that by putting "magic words" on the walls will stop bullets?

Have they NOT read the constitution there in Florida? At all?
Say it with me.


Seeing that we missed most of the month due to my moving situation, this months Ok, Let's talk will be:

Accepting atheists in your family.

Be sure to join us at our new time of 8 PM Central Standard Time at:

Just an update on the show. We will be taking one more week off due to the valentines holiday keeping them busy and when we come back I want to be able to do this properly and get my new place ready to be on camera. So we will be seeing us next week. However, this will not affect my other podcast, The Atheists, The Bible and No Wardrobe, as that has a lot more available.


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Who let the robots out?

Themselves apparently.

What are your thoughts?
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