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where is version 2.6 ??
yesterday was here....

Need patch :)
App name : KSweb

Note: Already requested in URET.

In India paypal won't support. If you have paytm i will make donation. Don't give BHIM app they charge every transaction.

anybody knows if LuckyPatcher is discontinued or this UretPatcher is the continuation?

None of the developers could mod the world cricket championship 2 game as you did. I humbly request you to please mod and unlock everything in v2.5.2.

Thanks a lot

Very cool program! 

The license emulation breaks iGO licensing (I have official license). It's unselected in the apps list, but yet it shows message that it's not licensed.
iGO is a super expensive very-herd-to-break application. I'm not complaining, just notifying the fact. The uret patcher is a wonderful tool. Incredible actually.

Hi big guy
Hope your are doing fine.
As you say don't ask me if any app is easy to crack so Im asking for Gunship helicopter 3D. As it is protected with G-presto it is impossible to plwy on roited device. Can u do something for it?

Lumosity patch doesn't work out. The latest version :(
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