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v4.6 released

v4.6 (15/Jan/2019)
- Fixed Xposed Issue In Previous Update My Bad.

v4.5 (15/Jan/2019)
- Added Support For Patching On Android Pie.
- Fixed Code Patch Not Working For Some Apps On Pie.
- Fixed Cleanup After Patch In Oreo And Above Firmwares.
- Added Icons To Settings Fragment.
- Fixed Language Not Changed On Nougat 7.1 And Above.
- Fixed Internal Location Selection List Always Empty On Pie.
- Rework Busybox Function.
- Fixed Automatic Import Settings Doesn't Import Old Data.
- Fixed Backup/Restore Of Apps With Unusual Names.
- Xposed Hooks Updated.
- Updated Russian Translations.
- Bugs Fixed.

i have been using different app for patching and emulating in app purchases. i have an application called Between ( For couples ) i want to buy stickers but evey single app that i tried, failed the process. any idea ?

HI can someone help me when with emulation when I click to purchase something it says
update Google play services to view our subscription plans for matching discoveries.

My Google play services are already up to date. Does it mean something else what do I do?

Please send me the custom patch for jetaudio plus to unlock it
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Hello jasi2169,
I am a reverse engineer (junior).
I want a help and what it is I want ida pro 6.1
If you have please share me........

hello +By Jasi2169 By Jasi2169, look like the patcher for usb audioplayer pro is not working


subject : Jasi Patcher (License In App Billing Hack) For Non Root Devices Sneak peak

Hi. jasi
First of all, I was using this posting Google Translator.

I tested it in two games and it does not get paid even if I patch it.
In the root environment, it was available as a patch.

Test Game

However, this may be a problem with virual Xposed, but please note.

Thank you for making a good tool.

Hide patcher not working in non root mode . Please fix it

Can you please hack/mod "call recorder - intcall"
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