(Hunter sits alone in his office at stormy weather security HQ. He waits around just staring at the clock. )

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(( Closed to +Jersyl Nucleare Crow The Hedgehog ))

(Hanna and hunter wait in the lobby of Ravenberg City hall. Each are caring a brief case)
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(Hunter and Hanna walk into the loby of Ravenberg city hall and wait)
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Name: Hanna
Age: roughly 30
Gender: female
Family: Isaac(son) Hunter (brother)
Abilities: marksman, and skilled strategies
Bio: Hanna was born due to an experiment that was intended to create an army of ultimate lifeforms. Instead it was a cloning machine in which Hanna was made from the DNA of Hunter. The machine did not make exact copies, but rather changed some variables such as gender, hair color and some talents. The machine was disassembled after Hanna was made. Ever since then Hanna has had a brother sister relationship with Hunter. Her favourite weapon is a 44 magnum revolver.

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(I forgot to do this I think)

Name: Hunter Watkins
Age: 30
Gender: male
Abilities: skilled marksman
Family: Victoria (daughter) Hanna ( Clone)
Bio: Hunter is an ex-GUN member who deserted after operation Alamo. Hunter became a freelance mercenary for sometime before officially starting Stormy Weather Security. His personal private military contracting company, which has control over several different law enforcement agencies across the globe. Stormy Weather is also the worlds largest standing private military.

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( Hanna and a team of her troops travel through Ravenberg in an armoured convoy. Their are three SUV's, and an armoured truck. Hanna rides in the passenger seat of one of the SUVs, smoking a cigar)

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REAL NAME: Phineas Ravencroff Crow.

SPECIES: Aurina Hedgehog.

OCCUPATION: Main Leader of Ravenberg, Weapons manufactorer, Mob Boss.

SUFFERS FROM: Severe Multi Personality disorder.


AGE: 39

BIRTHPLACE: Old Ravenberg

PERSONALITIES: Phineas And Julian


FUR COLOUR: Tan, Brown

LIKES: Dark/Wierd music, Guns, robotics, friends, family, experimenting, Whisky, Pubs, fighting

DISLIKES: supernatural powers, modern music, demons, racism, EXE's, failure, people who calls themselves "Heroes".

HOME: Ravenberg. Crow street 54 2nd floor

WEAPONS: Two handguns, A Knife, Bombs.

Gun 1: Jules
Gun 2: Baldwin
Knife: The Don.

Scanner goggles: Night vision, combat vision, tech vision, normal vision, finger print scanner, face recongnision, life scanner, power saving mode, holographic reconstruction of special events, build in ear piece.

Devices: Teleportation device

General: Slower age progression, higher chance of survival.


he lives under alot of fake identities, and has attacked and robbed multiple banks and kingdoms in his past. He met aurora. A Queen of the shadowlands, and quickly fell in love with her. They had a child named "Hurricane", and scarecrow quit his criminal life. Though he returned to them. Ultimately aurora and him broke up, and he continued hid rampage. He met an old friend some years later called by nickname "Radiocative". He had known her before as a child before Old Ravenberg was attacked and destroyed. Scarecrow's entire family was killed in the attack. And he was the only known suvivor. He lived on the street for along time after that and he came in contact with Radiocative again and when he grew up became an assassin. After that he rebuild Ravenberg, met aurora. And such. When he met Radiocative again. They fell in love. They married. And had two children "Toxic" and "Raven". after some time. Ravenberg is now a city inside the shadowlands. But scarecrow still rules it. He is under control of Aurora, and Kyo (her new husband). Recently scarecrow had an accident with another dimension version of himself. As they got electrocuted. They created one person. Which is now "Phineas Ravencroff Crow" and "Julian Ravencroff Crane" (Both personalities of Scarecrow) Phineas is his normal self. While Julian is the kind him. Also a punishment for not being the person he should have been when he was with Aurora.

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Name: ash  
Age 46
Bio: a unknown hunter  he will kill you of you got money on your head and the chief of Ravenberg Security

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ash looks out looking for Luke
ash: all men the dark eyes have Luke find him over
+Jersyl Nucleare Crow The Hedgehog 

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Name: death 
Age 20
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