Hello Everyone.
Question, has anyone had the display on glass not work but can still hear notifications and sounds? It turns off and on but no display and cannot figure out. Hoping for a fix....Thank You

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A first sunny afternoon ride of the year. #throughglass
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So what day does Google+ go offline and does glass stop communicating? I dont recall getting the notice.

What’s the 411??

Is anybody still out there?

Hi everyone,

I've been active with Google+ since the beta invitations began rolling out. I remember trying hard to get the invitation link, going on multiple facebook groups to see if anyone would give me one. But now, I'm sort of sad to see something like this site shut down to the public. I do still have plans on getting Google Glass, even in 2019, through the used market just to try them.

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Six years since the Glass Foundry events...
Six Years Beyond the Looking Glass

Six years ago this evening, I was sitting on a train, riding home from the Glass Foundry event, scribbling in a notebook ideas for the glassware I was working on for the hackathon, along with ideas for future projects. My mind was racing with potential.

Six years later, my mind is still racing.

+Jen Tong +Timothy Jordan +Noble +Cecilia Abadie

Anyone developing any other communities on other platforms before we are shut down?

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A cold frosty and snowy 10k #throughglass
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So ...
The end it's inevitable and Iwe never did a Hangouts or something like it .
what do you think ?
Before it's too late ! ;)

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Good to get before G+ disappears
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