Is there anyone with #ProtectFi Glass and Android beta with 7.1.2
Receiving Notifications from Facebook ,twitter , and G+ posts throughglass ?

Is there a way to add the twitter app for glass now. I removed it before they stopped supporting it. Thanks 

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One question that explorers have been pondering during the whole program is whether or not we would receive a free or discounted upgrade when the consumer version is released.   Now that the program is ending (and many of us Explorers are not thrilled about it) do you think we are more or less likely to receive a discounted upgrade on any new versions of Glass, should they come to exist? 
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There will never be a new Glass

Are there currently any applications of glass on the context of augmented reality? Namely seeing an AR tag and have the glass provide a specific digital overlay. Ideally the overlay could then be interacted with via verbal commands.

How long does the battery last

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I used to think the best part of Google Plus and being an explorer was the pictures I see and the fun ones I take on the fly.  I have to admit the selfish side of me likes the SEO boost it gives my website.  Geo-tagging the pictures, increasing views and following and getting to show off my work are all pretty good for the ego and that may be the best reason for a businessman to have Glass.  What about you?  What do you think the best part of Glass is as of today?

Can anyone in the UK who has received their glass order confirm if they're the 2gb version? 

Just got my Glass - it's beautiful - but am having real trouble setting up on iOS 8. Seems to be unable to connect to Personal Hotspot... Anyone else on iOS 8 beta found a workaround or do I have a downgrade job on my hands?

... And if so... My mac is at Apple for repair so I can't downgrade right away. So plan B would be connecting to my student WiFi but it requires me to input devices MAC codes before they're allowed internet access. So is there a way to find my device's MAC during the setup process?

EDIT: Got it working after several phone reboots. There really should be a way to find out device info like MAC addresses though.

Is there a way to show shared calendars through Glass? Seems like a huge flaw if not.

Hello fellow Explorers. I'm sure you heard the news about the UK finally getting Glass.  I've been asked to go on BBC Newround (the kids program) to talk about them.  I am pretty confident in what I am going to say but would like to know if anyone knows of any work/research on Glass with young people.  Also, is there a reason they are not ok for under 16s? (I'm assuming it's to to with eye development but wanted confirmation)
Thank you! 
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