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I love Colors! Check out the new Titanium Gold Polarized Shades.

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Added polarized amber clip-on shades today come check them out.

Check out this video :

virtual shopping using Google Glass ! :)

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Hi! Everyone

I'm Korean User!

Nice to meet you.

My glass foil is bubble.
( The remaining part will be marked with red. )
(Google is not support Korea. T ^ T)

I made an alternative mechanism to the 3D printer.

Black ABS & Mirror Acrylic

The remaining portion of the foil looks a little blurred.

This seems a little smaller than the previous screen.

Will be used to go up to around US.

Thank you!

Support Plz google! T ^ T
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Augmented Reality Image Recognition in ART Gallery. Thanks for supporting +Kris Kitchen +Trish Whetzel +Drew Rushmer +Maguire Marion +Ingi Kim etc. Have look at the video of how it works. GoogleGlass Augmented Reality in ART Gallery

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Glass Campaign 

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Smart Glasses and Drone Camera's are a joke!  Well, hold on just a minute.....

At +Rochester Optical, we are looking at how these two emerging technologies can have real and practical value, not only to big enterprise, but for every day workers. Not surprising, we are seeing a tremendous amount of opportunity.

Here are just a few initial areas that drone camera's (taking still photo's, video, or live streaming), using a pair of #smartglasses  as a HUD helping to navigate and direct the flying camera. (I know some of you may want to go off on the privacy issues - which are real - but please restrain yourself. If you have a practical idea, suggestion or link, please drop it in this thread or reach out to me directly offline)

Disaster relief search and rescue
Dangerous area safety evaluations
Marketing / Advertising for high rise buildings
Construction, Land Development and appraisals
Real Estate lot size - listing photos
Insurance property review
Business Inventory
Wildlife Management
Aerial Data Collection
Resort - item delivery
Legal / Forensic Data Collection
Fire Control
Golf Course Planning
Auto Dealer Inventory
Retail Site Planning
Personal Property Documentation
Estate Photography
Law Enforcement
Tunnel and Bridge inspection
Property Damage Assessment
Event Safety Surveillance
Structure and Barrier Inspection
Earthquake Damage Inspection
Video Production
TV News / Commercials

These are just some initial areas. What else can you think of? I'd love to hear from you.


Hey everyone.

A hot topic now is the privacy and photos on the Google Glass. It would work by knowing someone's full name, it pulls them from the Internet, creates them as a contact, then uses facial recognition to only be able to take photos of your contacts.

It would work by pulling photos from websites and/or social media. Those who do not belong to social media, are always on the web. Be it by email, or business accounts, or accounts for phones, tablets or reading devices. These include: Amazon, Apple ID, Hotmail, Yahoo, Google etc.

Hopefully this can be used as a real development in the safety and privacy of Google Glass users.

I want start with coding some apps for Google Glass , would someone recommend any book , PDF , website where I can start from scratch ? I was coding in Java couple years ago while at Uni ....
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