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Does ejaculating decrease testosterone?🙄
Does sex or masturbate affects on muscles or fitness goals?🤔
Given total solution of ejaculation and to increase testosterone.😉😊
Here is the solution👉

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Natural Testosterone Booster - 3 Myths That Are KILLING Your TESTOSTERONE Levels

3 Myths That Are KILLING Your TESTOSTERONE Levels

The most important hormone in your body is testosterone.

What is it about that hormone that’s so important?

A few facts about men and testosterone...

1. If you're having trouble burning fat or building muscle,

there's a good chance you're experiencing "low testosterone" (low T).

2. If you have a low sex drive, you're likely experiencing low T.

3. Testosterone is the most important hormone for men.

4. Men are producing less and less of it with each decade

(you have less than your dad did at your age,

and FAR LESS than your grandfather did when he was your age).

5. Most diets are made for women

and don’t help men enhance their testosterone levels.

So while you're trying to burn fat,

you may be lowering your testosterone levels,

which makes you store more fat.

6. If you have healthy testosterone levels

you're going to have low body fat and more muscle.

7. Testosterone leads to a lower likelihood of depression -

it's not just a hormone that helps you physically,

it helps you mentally as well.

Men need testosterone,

but we're producing less of it.


There are a few factors, each of them are tackled in this article:

How to Naturally Enhance Your Testosterone Levels

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Top ways to increase Testosterone Naturally
1. Lose Weight
2. Exercise
3. Get Adequate Sleep
4. Reduce Stress
5. Eat Healthy Fats
6. Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels
7. Consume Plenty of Zinc
8. Cut Back on the Booze

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