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Kohana Hide

• [Open] GAC Thanksgiving  - 
Hi everyone. Although Thanksgiving may be associated with several myths and doesn't originate in any one event, according to senior historian James W. Baker, it is "based on gathered harvest celebrations, commemorations and religious Thanksgiving transformed into something different from the original parts." And even if it may not be observed by other people across the globe, GAC wishes everyone to cultivate the habit of being grateful for everything good that comes your way. With that we request you to extend greetings by posting anime images depicting Thanksgiving.

1. Post anime/manga characters having Thanksgiving meal, or being in a Thanksgiving parade, enjoying some Thanksgiving pies, or cooking a turkey. You may also post fan art in the anime style depicting the said theme.
2. Make sure to post those images/gifs under the category entitled GAC Thanksgiving with the proper hashtag #GACThanksgiving .
3. Also include the name of the anime series and the character/s in the image.
4. Leave at least 10 minutes of gap between your posts. Take note that all community rules apply here, so those would have to be considered when you post. Since this is an open special 24-hour event, we encourage everyone to simply post their well wishes and have fun. No need to tag me (Kohana) in your posts.

As Maya Angelou said, "Let gratitude be the pillow upon which we kneel to say our nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge we build to overcome evil and welcome good.”

series Sailor Moon
character Sailor Moon Jupiter
image source
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Yeah thanksgiving
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Ethan Bebee

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These need to.die
Kill it with fire!!!
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I've recently been playing Kingdom Hearts 1: Final Mix and I thought about the fact that the aesthetics are based upon Disney's animation style from the films of Disney's early years.

I then thought about anime as Kingdom Hearts is a collaboration between the east and the west, that is uniquely Disney, but at the same time very influenced by Japanese culture. I then thought about how perfect it would be for an anime adaptation.

The fact that some of the themes are very Shonen- esque, such as the value of friendship and the light and darkness within each of us, would fit very well for anime, as well as the characters, as they are very much based upon Anime character stereotypes. Also, the fact that they have very anime-esque openings with Utada Hikaru providing the vocals.

What I'm going to ask is would you want Kingdom Hearts to be adapted into an anime if Disney weren't so restrictive. 
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Yes, it would fit like a glove
Gwarsh, I'm not sure, ahyuk, ahyuk
What a stupid idea, whakkk!
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Drawing Hearts

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One minute Chesire Cat is cute, The next minute he runs away with me!
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Undead Freak

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Wow 2 mins later I got 16 +1 cool
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Domo Girl

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Naruto and Hinata
Anime: Naruto Shippuden
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Tara Sempai

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Aaaawwwww !!!! ^w^
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|||Black Rock Shooter|||
#RockCannon #BlackRockShooter 
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[ does anybody know what anime is this? ]
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+{ t a k s i l } I just stated their localized names, you're still correct.
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Ken_ z

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Hi I am new here I hope I can enjoy this community
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|||Insane Black Rock Shooter V.S Strength||||

#InsaneBlackRockShooter #Strength #HitsInFace #GotChu 
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Who Doesn't?

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My Anime Fall 2015 Lineup

Pick a favorite

68 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Gakusen Toshi Asterik
Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni
Comet Lucifer
Hidan No Aria AA
Rakudai Kishi no Calvary
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+Charley ™ ill check it out :p
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The Goddess

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Hi my new i don't know too set my profile picture. The first pic was going be my profile pic and the second puc was going be my cover but sadly i don't know put them as my profile are cover picture ): ( but nice to meet you all ) 
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+Thorsten Wirth yes that's her actually name right ??
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Lost Soul

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My body feels heavy every Morning
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lol same XD
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Sasha Dakota

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Guys, I think they found out about us!
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Dam it, they found out my secret.......
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Geni Geni

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