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Greetings, members of GAC.

We are all here because we love the same thing. That being said, with as many members as we have, there will be people with different opinions.

Feel free to discuss the things you like or disagree with.
Feel free to share your opinions about certain things.
Feel free to disagree with other people.

Do not harass other members or fandoms.
Do not bash other people or fandoms for having an opinion you may not share.
Do not make fun of, or publicly shame, people, groups or fandoms for whatever reason.
Do not use anime images to cover any form of harassment/vitriolic message.
Do not harass people because they broke a rule. Tag a mod instead.

Posts with a negative or vitriolic nature will be removed on sight.
Severe harassment and blatant bullying will result in a ban.

The one thing that we moderators cannot rigorously check is the comment section of all the posts. I urge members to tag a mod if any harassing happens in any comment section.

We can only make this community a safe place if you help us to help you.

Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Characters: Sakura Kyouko & Miki Sayaka
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+Michael Flaherty
No. I'm asking the owner and the mods.
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Tsubaki sama😍😍😍
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Maralie Yearby

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amsa yoshi

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That moment when you find a free Wi-Fi in public

Anime: Hunter x Hunter 2011

[ Follow me for more Hunter x Hunter and other Anime content]

     #HunterXHunter     ||    #KilluaZoldyck      ||    #Anime     ||    #Manga  ||    #MyMeme      
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Daniel Maynor

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Rate 1 to 10??? ^^
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That is cute👗👙💋💎💍
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Iran Gallardo

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Ese anime me arruinó y mejoro mi relación con mi primer novio 
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Isabella Perez

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Too much XD
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Gary Allison

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+Cethin Amoux its a yuri anime, so yes it does have good plot
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Lapis Lazuli

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Pretty much me everyday...
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Silver King

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Best Opening
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One Piece:We Are
Dragon Ball Z:Rock the Dragon
Fairy Tail:Snow Fairy
There all equally GR8!
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+Ⓑrainy Ⓓog Glare
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Omi Jjj

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Anyone else hates the character design for the king of everything?
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I hope goku wants to fight it.
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Redraw, much better~

M Garchomp gijinka 
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Isabella Perez

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I have long hair...but I wish is had short hair
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werid post 2016
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Sword Warrior

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Yuno. :)
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Time to go to Mars. 
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J Jonah Jameson

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Actually thats me getting on my phone at 6am
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Tristan Cannon

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Why aren't outtakes released more often? Also, spoiler alert!
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