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We are super excited to introduce!

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Discord Link:

Please introduce yourself in the GM Intro section! Make sure to include some of your goals for this platform: types of games, features, and/or other aspects.

LFGM will be a new platform for Professional Game Masters (PGMs) to provide higher quality games and new innovative gaming solutions to the gaming industry.

PGMs will be provided with the tools to facilitate their success while simultaneously giving players a wider range of choices, which will include features to help guide them to games that most closely suit their playing style.

Sign up with the form above this post to join the newsletter and stay in touch with us when we are ready to collect feedback regarding the features that you find the most important to facilitating your success as a Professional GM.

Get ready!

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First episode of the "Pro GM Podcast"! Please share it with your circles if you find it helpful. Thanks again to Drew Murray for his time and insights!

Find it here:

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Thank your for letting me join. I was wondering if you will be adding support for non-online games?

Discord Mondays tonight!

If anyone has questions about the recent email or any other features, I'll be around to answer them at 9pm EST!

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Discord Mondays!

Just a reminder that we're holding Discord Mondays tomorrow night at 9pm EST. We'll be talking about the payment gateway and getting your feedback.

See you there!

Messaging now available on LFGM! Message between members to connect and coordinate your games!

How do I re-set my LFGM password? I've been trying to log in for a week now, but the auto-saved PW from my browser keeps giving me a "Username/Password combination is incorrect" message.

Discord Mondays!

Happening now!
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