Community Discussion 2 (Author's Purpose):

We recently discussed three reasons for which an author may write (to inform, to entertain, to tell you how to make/do something). Your task for this discussion will be to write two paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) that are meant to ENTERTAIN your audience. Don't forget the parts of a narrative: characters, setting, plot, climax, problem and solution.

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Community Discussion 1 (Healthy Lunches):

Click on the following link to read a Time for Kids article about healthier school lunches.

Write a paragraph (5-7 sentences) response about your feelings and experiences with the new healthier student lunches as well as the healthy snacks they have provided our students twice a week this year.

Next, write a persuasive paragraph (5-7 sentences) trying to argue either for or against the new healthier lunches. Use facts and emotions to move your audience.
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