Alijah Trombley had his G+ account deleted by his mom. I will pass on messages for him.

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Name: Jin Yui

Age: 24

Bio: A native of Hoenn, Jin was always a fan of Johto's Kimono Girls. After being beaten in battle by them, he gave in to Team Rocket's request to join them. It has been 10 years since he joined and is now a top base inspector.


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hello peoples this is my profile :3

name: blue
age: 15
gender: male
pokemon: garchomp, volcorona, tyranitar, vaporion, samurott, zeckrom (he will use him only if it is important enough or if it is a matter of life or death)
bio: blue started his journey in unova late at the age of 13, in the next 4 months he already became the champion, and 8 months later was finally defeated, he soon retired from training and became a pokemon collector. he not only got more rare and legendary pokemon, but his pokemon grew stronger. this made him the most powerfull pokemon trainer in unova, soon after that he left unova to travel the world. he stumbled into kanto one day and was seen as a dangerous person, so team rocket found him and he agreed to join. now he is one of the most feared team rocket trainer and one of the most valuable (mostly because of his legendary)

hello :3
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