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Amsterdamse broers in 1940-1945 ondergedoken wijlen Rein Mulder en broer Ton Mulder ondergedoken, memoires door mij zoon Rein Mulder jr 2016 gevonden en uitgegeven nabij producties Nijkerk een pakkend boek wat te lang in de kast heet gelegen.
Koninklijke Bibliotheek,Royal Familie sent my a letter.
Verzetsmuseum opgenomen Amsterdam. Son off senior Rein Mulder jr 1955 Amsterdam

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Fear when understood, is of discordant personality subdued regression, in that self-hatred recoils, reverberates in that peripheral vision becomes a haunting illusion of twisted dialect. Tunnel vision avoids repressed thought; to be antisocial arrows of un-noticeable individual phobia, of psychotic reactions, that would normally feast upon the hidden lust for social susceptibility. Fear is inverted thought.
Understandably, individuals and mobs must be corralled, in accordance to temperamental alertness, and physical compulsiveness. An individual is of an organic consistency and motivated to resist mother nature, when threatened by the sudden twists of elements are in opposition to normal reckonings.
Incomprehensible, as to most citizens existing under a republican orientated democracy, is that collectivised humanoids, beings resembling humans in shape, individually, ingrained with turnstile thoughts; will never yield to government or man, to circle another’s mind. Mental circumcision through psychiatry has failed. However, music will invade an ingrate mentality. The late Greek philosopher, Socrates, 379 B.C., drank hemlock and died for not reverting to social or political indiscretion.
Condescendingly, the phobia of fear in patronizing an illusion, of an ever expanding pseudo democracy out of individual security broadens the loss of self-identity. As the individual base of high expectation loses social expectations and protection in law, self-destruction leads to paranoid inclinations. Thus we have individual consternation----FEAR !
Conclusively, Sigmund Freud reveals the Fear/phobia aberration descending into the, “ Personality Suppression Complex Syndrome.”

Fear is normal as one lives under our present police state commie influenced political gangsterism and its alliance with Near and Far East social bearings counter to our native interest, in not interfering with alien spiritual ideologies becoming entangled with China, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Liberia, and Russia etc., and lesser nations that warrant the threat of internationalism. If we were to take out Zionism, as an equation in this factor to third world domination, then Putin, Netanyahu, Obama would pull back from Turkey & India as backups to further intensify land grabbers operative within NATO. The invasion of foreign lands compounds the apparent division of material and liquid assets of helpless countries. Both sides of Congress are in Republican control. This is a do nothing congregation of bribed infidels bought and sold to the highest bidders. Yes, a great FEAR rests its political and social tentacles right into the throats of cowards being politically petrified with a consciousness of insufficient ability to meet the head on advancement of a now socialists state being reconciled with the deceased Stalin routine of KGB guardianship of state communism operative through orthodoxian complicity, as a fraudulent representative of nationalism in countering the West's move into internationalism. This leads to individual and collective madness towards cowards in national governments failure to curtail the revolutionary Muslim infiltration into American borders. Karl Marx and Mohammedanism is a combined tool within the globalist spread of Zionism.
Indeed! a word to the wise is sufficient. The massive phobia of national FEAR has surfaced & the national psychiatric industry has no couch that will aid in reconciling a victimised republic. Summing up the indelicate pseudo democratic criminality rule amounts to regarding a Machiavellian perception that all is corrupt in accepting Freud's contention that Our republic harbors the distinctive human trait of madness, “ THE PERSONALITY SUPPRESSION COMPLEX GRAVITATIONAL SYNDROME.” We make a choice---communism or capitalism. We all hang together, or walk the plank singularly !

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in german it is this Mädchen und Panzer

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236 Operational messages delivered by Middle East Pigeon Service pigeons in October 1943

(c) Crown copyright images reproduced by courtesy of The National Archives, Kew
Catalog numbers: WO169/11222 #93, #109, #110

Below are a 2 page report on the use of pigeons in Cyprus, Palestine, and Malta in October 1943 and a 1 page report on the use of pigeons in Sicily in September 1943 from the Middle East Pigeon Service War Diary.
3 Photos - View album

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I've recently published my master's thesis about the capture of three German U-Boats during World War II

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Honoring a veteran and pigeon historian, Frank Quatrocci
Frank Quatrocchi served as a pigeoneer during the Korean War. He donated this sketch of Kaiser, which he acquired while at Fort Monmouth. To hear an interview with Frank, you can go to and enter Frank Quatrocchi, Korean War pigeoneer in the search box in the center top of the page or use this link
To learn more about the World War II pigeons, visit

Gordon H. Hayes served as a pigeoneer during World War II in Africa and Italy.

Far Up Front

The American Pigeon, brave and bright
Awaits the signal for another flight
To carry a message for the commander’s sight.

The whir and whistle of the flying shell
Envelops the platoon in a fiery hell.
The prospect fierce, the strain intense-
A pigeon released to call for defense.

The message delivered
It zooms skyward
For instinct sure and valiance known,
Back to its loft it speeds alone.

The roar of battle, the mortar mid-air
Would slow it not nor cause despair
The hawkish shrapnel claims its prey-
Another war pigeon aft a hapless fray.

Some are fortunate, others are not,
While many live, many may not.

Struck in the heart the pigeon bled
It faltered not, nor its courage fled-
Desperate and struggling to reach its goal
To deliver the SOS of many a soul
Hands went quick and minds click,
Instantly the action went thick
Out went support, the situation won,
The weary soldiers thanked a pigeon.

The even sun sank westward ho;
The course of battle to and fro;
Another death has stirred the scroll-
A pigeon was etched on the honor roll.

Sgt. Edward E. Reicher

Florence, Italy
May 23, 1944

From The Pigeons That Went to War by Gordon H. Hayes
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