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Join us for the regular drop-in Peeragogy in Action. We're available most Mondays around 1 pm (GMT -5) or as announced/requested. Ping peeragogy-at~gmail or leave a comment here to RSVP to be added as a participant. We use YouTube Live (Google Hangouts) or Zoom.

+Joe Corneli
+Charles Danoff
+Laura Ritchie
+Paola Ricaurte Quijano
+Verena Roberts

Battle over college course material is a textbook example of technological change.

Now Congress has stepped into the fray by committing $5 million in the fiscal 2018 budget to support the creation or expansion of open textbooks on college campuses.

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A clear and reasonable model but how to implement, produce desired results?

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"...What sets the current phase of collaboration apart from previous ones is the wide diffusion of networked forms of organization and production, and the transformative impact of these cooperative practices in reshaping the new media world and its underlying social and technological infrastructure as public utilities.

This report explores the gradual development of this phenomenon and the related development of a new commons for journalism, or a collection of shared resources and communities reconfiguring the material and cultural conditions of newswork as a social practice subject to dilemmas that require cooperation. The journalism commons, often going unrecognized in the academic and public discourse on the future of media, offers a framework to make sense of the new schemes of human relations, production, and governance."

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Meeting now (Sunday, 14:00 GMT)
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
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+Matthew Herschler, this reminded me of you. Last couple paragraphs are also reminiscent of the somewhat-recent post about focus groups and our discussion there.

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There's bound to be a few suggestions in this group for "OER Educational Practice Success" as requested by Simmons, here.

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Last Chance to learn the Fundamentals of Cooperation Theory with Howard Rheingold. Several of us are here in the Peeragogy in Action community after meeting each other in Howard's classes.

This was sent out by Howard a few days ago. Check it out if you are interested:

Join Howard Rheingold in a co-learning community, exploring the fundamentals of cooperation theory. We will read texts, watch videos, participate in interactive live audio-video lecture-conversation sessions, discuss in forums and blogs, and collaboratively edit wikis. See for the syllabus.

Tuition is $300, cohort limited to 30 co-learners. While our subject matter is the biology, psychology, sociology, technology, and political science underlying understanding of human cooperation, our meta-subject matter is about how to use social media tools to form a co-learning community online with people who were previously strangers. This is the last time I plan to offer this course, so if you ever wanted to take it, now is the time.

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Are you in favor of decentralizing the web? Here is Tim Berners-Lee's new project, Solid.
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