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Join us for the regular drop-in Peeragogy in Action. We're available most Mondays around 11 am US Eastern (currently GMT -4) or as announced/requested. Ping peeragogy-at~gmail or leave a comment here to RSVP to be added as a participant. We generally use Zoom for video conferencing.

+Joe Corneli
+Charles Danoff
+Laura Ritchie
+Paola Ricaurte Quijano
+Verena Roberts

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Explore critical thinking about design in a range of areas of life and its complexities
Join a "Collaborative Exploration" on zoom for 1 hour each week Mondays 12 noon US EDT from 23rd July to 13th August.
More details about topic, process, and way to join:

"Design is about intentionality in construction, which involves a range of materials, a sequence of steps, and principles that inform the choice of material and the steps. Design always involves putting people as well as materials into place, which may happen by working with the known properties of the people and materials, trying out new arrangements, or working around their constraints (at least temporarily). Critical thinking involves understanding ideas and practices better when we examine them in relation to alternatives. In a sense, critical thinking is in design from the start, because design cannot proceed without the idea that there are alternatives to the current way of doing things. ...."

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A new edition of the Peeragogy Handbook is in the works! Take a quick survey and get involved!

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A new edition of the Peeragogy Handbook is in the works! Take a quick survey and get involved! #peeragogy

Good morning fellows. My name is Vitor Bruno. Currently I'm an English teacher based in South Brazil. I teach English for specificpurposes based on what people like and what they need. White a mix of what happens in the movies school of rock and approved.

I found you through Kio Stark's book (Don't go back to school). I couldn't find any working link to the handbook version 3. Could you help?

I'm thinking of getting Google Certification Program.

Battle over college course material is a textbook example of technological change.

Now Congress has stepped into the fray by committing $5 million in the fiscal 2018 budget to support the creation or expansion of open textbooks on college campuses.

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A clear and reasonable model but how to implement, produce desired results?

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"...What sets the current phase of collaboration apart from previous ones is the wide diffusion of networked forms of organization and production, and the transformative impact of these cooperative practices in reshaping the new media world and its underlying social and technological infrastructure as public utilities.

This report explores the gradual development of this phenomenon and the related development of a new commons for journalism, or a collection of shared resources and communities reconfiguring the material and cultural conditions of newswork as a social practice subject to dilemmas that require cooperation. The journalism commons, often going unrecognized in the academic and public discourse on the future of media, offers a framework to make sense of the new schemes of human relations, production, and governance."

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Meeting now (Sunday, 14:00 GMT)
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or iPhone one-tap :
US: +14087403766,,6831045513# or +16468769923,,6831045513#
Or Telephone:
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*Meeting ID: 683 104 5513*
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