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+Nidhogg The Black Dragon we can do the roleplay here
The SCP Foundation had been running for years,without much hassle. You,the D-Class personnel, were about to be sent to go to SCP-173 with a group of other d-class personnel, something could really go wrong



Subject Class: Keter

Containment Procedures: SCP-055 Is Allowed a room in site 17. The room is to be made of solid concrete,between two layers of solid steel. The room is to be 15x15x16 feet. The room is to come with at least: one [1] queen-size bed. Have one [1] exercise mat. Have one [1] standard cable TV. And to have one [1] standardized coffee table.

SCP-055 is not to be allowed to roam the facility, due to the potential risks. SCP-055 is allowed to eat at the cafeteria, although special preparations have to be made in order for her diet.

Description: SCP-055 is a female humanoid that stands at seven [7] feet and three [3] inches, her entire body is made of fire. she's not very heavy,but we've been unable to prove this. SCP-055 has a rather thick body despite only being composed of flame. SCP-055 has an extremely voluptuous looks, with her assets being the perfect size. SCP-055 has shown to own various dangerous abilities. when we locked her in a room with a D-Class personnel as a test, she stared at him for a few minutes before proceeding to extend her arm and engulf in a blast of fire that was shown to be fired from her palm. further testing on this revealed that she can do an almost unlimited amount of attacks and damage with her flame abilities,she was shown to be able to manipulate any surrounding flame and create various objects out of fire. SCP-055 never wears clothes,when asked why she said that she burns every bit of clothing she tries to wear.because of this, SCP-055 has been given access to our more durable clothing items. SCP-055 has a rather soothing voice that has been described as "Calming," and "relaxing" to our male personnel,female personnel just describe it as "calming."
she has also shown to be unnaturally good at seduction. testing so far has revealed that no male creature is immune to her seduction,including most of the SCP's,although, All Female staff have shown to be entirely immune to her seductive abilities,as well as many of our female SCP's.

SCP-055 has shown to be immune to almost every form of attack. Bullets are ineffective, as they just go through her,and any physical trauma is impossible due to it either going through her or burning up on contact,which was shown to happen to Dr.[][][][][]'s hand during [REDACTED]. SCP-055, though, isn't immune towards water. while water cannot kill her,it pains her immensely and renders her immobile for a short while. if there is any form of water in the room,she'll remain immobilized by anger and fear until it is removed.

SCP-055 has a strange personality. She's remarkably intelligent smarter than most of our leading staff. SCP-055 can speak fluently just like any normal human. in each interview we've done with her, she has shown to talk about rather dark subjects such as death and destruction. it has also shown to take alot of convincing to get her to talk about normal subjects.

SCP-055 came into our custody, after a few reports of a "mass arson" in a small village around [][][][][] [][][][][][] during 19[][].

she is classified as "keter" due to the amount of damage she can do if let free,and the risk of her turning our best staff against us.

+Nidhogg The Black Dragon i had an amazing idea for that new SCP i was talking about earlier

am i the only one that finds it funny that the guards in the game are total dickheads to the player?

"The reddish brown substance on the floor is a combination of feces and blood. Origin of these materials is unknown. The enclosure must be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis."

are you telling me that a statue can take a shit
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