How do I change my email in my account?.... thanx

Why am i only getting ratings.. How can i watch??

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This may be a little under a lot of ppl in this community but I'm currently trying to transfer and upload my watchlist and/or other playlist from my IMDb account page to my CouchPotato manager on Exodus. I read the step by step on the website and from my Android box but I just can't seem to figure out how to actually send the lists. If anyone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it and if you can't or don't wanna... I suppose I understand that too.

Thanks for your time,

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Hello dear Community,

I want to be part of the beta-testers. I registered myself as a tester. The text says the beta will be installed shortly afterwards. The problem is that I havent received any update whatsoever. Any solutions ?

I'm trying to watch la querida del centauro season 2 and it only shows a picture. Please help

How do I change back the place when you share it? It switched to Twitter. I want Facebook

How do i get on the cast list of shows I have been on even as uncredited

How can find out how ratings the number. Scrolling would take a lot of time I don't have
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