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Hello, I'm Jeremy, the community president.

There will be one or two rules to posting here, and I will come up with them when I feel like it (Along with a picture to represent this community.)

Off the top of my head:
1. No abrupt endings, only endings that everyone can come to an agreement with.
2. Don't spam so many stories at once.
3. Be creative. It's what makes a story fun to read

For now, I will demonstrate an example of what I made this community for: comment chains.
[Use these: " ** " to bold the text of the story.]

One day, a gal decided to head over to her friends house for a lunch meeting, and on her way there...

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Coincidentally, I am on the search for new wallpapers, which is why I made this category. So if anyone has anything that is in HD, ranging from Anime to Zig-Zags (a.k.a anything), feel the freedom to suggest a pic now and then.

Here are some dreamy clouds. :)
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