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CitiGlobal's Tagaytay Clifton Resort Suites offers luxurious but affordable Condotel Unit..
Invest now and experience
-cool climate in Tagaytay
-resort type amenities
-70-80% open space
4 years to pay at 0% interest rate
Good investment!
dahil sa CITIGLOBAL hindi kailangang Mahal para sa mga minamahal.
Inquire and invest now!
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Gabrielle Model House Lancaster New City, General Trias, Cavite

Total Contract Price:2,905,200 Reservationon: 20,000

5%Downpayment: 125,260 (zero interest) payable in 6months 20,877 /month

5% downpayment: 145,260 (14% interest)payable in 7 month 21,731 /month

Loanable amount: 2,614,680

for 20 yrs: 21,870

Lot area: 120 sq.m
Floor area: 84 sq.m
3 bedroom
2 Toilet and Bath
1 Car Garage
Living and Dining area

Look for: Al Oplas Granada
Junior Sales Manager

Green Circle Realty Sales, Inc.
10th Floor Unit 1004 West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Pasig City

Telephone Number: 834-9989
Smart: 0949-344-2432

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We just joined Google+! We're happy to be a part of this community. We're also on Facebook ( and Twitter (@NFALADC). If you're in the DC area, please check out our next event on Sept. 16. Salamat!

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Hi. Please check out the article I wrote for  It's my top 7 most, exciting, funniest and most dramatic cross-examinations scenes ever.  Enjoy!!!

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Protect your intellectual property.
Patents protect inventions.

"A Primer on Patents: Who's Getting Them, Where and How Long It's Taking (Infographic)"

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Created Characters in UFC Video Game Can't Be Shared Due to Copyright Concerns

In +Electronic Arts' upcoming +UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship videogame, players will be allowed to create their own characters to fight with...but they will not be able to share that character with other players due to #copyright  concerns.

The concern here, according to the game's creators in an interview with MMA Junkie, is that someone could create a very good likeness of a copyrighted character, such as Rocky Balboa. Since EA doesn't have the rights to the Rocky character, they don't want to get into any hot water if a #gamer  uploads content with his likeness.

"Nowadays, when people can make YouTube clips and share them, there's this whole gray area where if our game allows users to make a Rocky character that's the intellectual property of somebody else, it causes a ton of problems," said Hayes, while noting that the developers at EA Canada "loved" the feature. "There is a Create-A-Fighter, and you could create you own [sic] Rocky, but when we are facilitating the sharing of content, it gets very difficult."

It's an interesting area to be sure, but given this and other #videogames  intense realism, can understand the publisher's concerns.

#intellectualproperty   #games  +David Snead Attorney 

UFC official game screenshot via EA
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