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Welcome To Green Forest Lake Camp. Please make a profile first, and once it gets approved, you can RP.

Come play in the Forest, or swim in the Pond. Eat in the Mess Hall, or do anything you ever imagined to do in the Rec Hall. If you want to train, you can come to the Training Cabin.
So, far there are 5 cabins. The first pokemon to go to a cabin, is the cabin leader and can rename it or something, but first must ask his or her mates. I will add more as more people join. You are allowed to switch cabins.

Mods are camp directors and you have to listen to them. If the mod is not sure, please tag me. To become a mod, don't ask. You have to earn my trust, be active, and be a good helper to the community. The mods profiles will be tagged to the top of the profiles page.

Cabins so far:
Cabin Awesome +clawy 123 is leader
Cabin B +***** is leader
Cabin Cool +Anime Gamer13 is leader
Cabin D +De Dark Side Of De Moon
Cabin Empathy +Semi-Immortal Cat

Profile Template:
Nickname: (optional)
Quote: (optional)

My Profiles:
Name:  Dark
Pokemon: Zorua
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Cabin: E
Bio: His mom and dad sent him here because of how he always plays tricks on them, so he could make some friends and stop being a huge prankster.
Personality: Is an amazing prankster, but is very lonely sometimes and would wander off.

If you have an idea of improving the community, please make the post and tag me.

The ChaoEmperor wants to know which Pokémon you would do if you were to order a custom made mascot costume. Tell us your thoughts in the comments, then in the Fall, save up your money and email either from Mascot Shows or to have your character custom made.

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It's dusk...and I struggle to even move an inch time is running out. There's no water, no food and not a single pokemon in sight. These trees make the journey seem even longer as they pan throughout the vast landscape. I'm growing weary...tired, I can't give up yet! I have to find a trustworthy Pokemon. Somebody I can trust...If only someone from camp just found me...Camp...if only.


Why? What happened? What did I do? I have to know.

I can't give up...I can't give up on them...
Blitz, Aiden, Yan, Zoro, Ice...
Haunt, Megalo...Luna...
Luigi, Asako, Pika...Fang.
They need me! I need them!

But it's too late...

I have no one...please...Arceus...bring them back to me. My campmates, please...I don't want to die alone. Just one last look....

Please let me see you last time.
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So, I'm kinda bored. Anyone else here?

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Name: Blitz
Pokemon: Typhlosion
Likes: Battling, having fun
Dislikes: Being patient
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Cabin: Any is fine
Quote: "Where's the fun if it's too easy?"
Bio: Blitz is a fun-loving guy, who lives a generally laid back life. He was sent here to make some friends and to have a good time, and his parents thought it was a good idea.
Personality: Is fun-loving and laid back, but gets angry easily. Also, he's pretty hyperactive.


Sorry bout not doing... practically anything! been busy with exams, school and stuff

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Nickname: Blaze
Pokemon: Charmander
Likes: Fire, eating, protecting others
Dislikes: water
Age: 17
Gender: male 

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This community is ded

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