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Happy #Tu_B_Av  to all those who made or are thinking about making #Aliyah  to Israel.. like I did (Tu B'Av is +Israel 's   #Valentines_Day !) Hope you make your loved ones feel good!

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Aliyah Tip of the Day : Do it Yourself Passport Pictures

You and your family are going to need many passport-sized pictures for Aliyah. These can be made at home easily. You will save money and you will be able to chose an attractive picture as well! 

Here is one option:

There are a number of requirements in getting passport-quality pictures - make sure they are fulfilled before submitting them.  
Here is a little video to explain the process (its worth the 2 minutes to watch it) > Passport photo for free! revolutionizing passport photos!  
Remember to smile!

So much easier than the old way!

Aliyah Tip : Surprising Things about Deliveries

Things are different in Israel.  Even deliveries!   For example, if you buy something and arrange for delivery on a given day and it is 6:00 pm and they did not show up yet, do not despair.  They likely will be there before bedtime!

Let's say you are expecting Fed Ex. You can actually call and get the delivery driver's cell and find out when he is expected.

In some locations the house number markings are hard to find or non-existent.  To reduce the confusion, quite often the delivery person will call and ask you to stand at the street next to your home.

It's such a warm sunny day it's almost like spring!

Aliyah Tip : Shipping Issues with BBQ's and Bikes

Recently two new policies were past regarding the shipping of BBQ's and bikes:
BBQ : Israeli Customs is now requiring a "Teken" (Approval from Ministry of Standards) or a "Ptor" (Exemption from the approval) for ALL gas grills (Bar-b-ques) imported, even as personal import. Any import shipment containing a gas grill will be pulled for inspection, and the grill will be held by customs until the approval or exemption is issued. Of course, charges for the inspection/ removal, and storage of the gas grill will be billed to the owner of the goods. 

Bike : The Ashdod Customs House has decided to inspect any import shipment with a bicycle, to ensure that the bicycle is not motorized. Motorized bicycles require approval from Ministry of transportation. Charges for the inspection are billed to the owner of the goods. This only affects shipments arriving to Ashdod (for now). 

Efforts are being make to revoke these rulings, but until that happens, you may want to consider leaving your BBQ and bike(s) behind.

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Aliyah Tip : Taxable and Prohibited Items

We do our best to offer accurate, current information but please remember, Meches (Customs - Ministry of Finance) decides all import duties and taxation.

These are the items taxed by Meches.

    * BBQ Grills
    * Outdoor Furniture and Swings
    * Camping Equipment
    * Sports Equipment
    * Pool Tables
    * Ping Pong Tables
    * Fax Machines
    * Building Supplies
    * Non-Household Goods
    * Additional Computers
    * Additional Televisions

The following items are prohibited to be imported into Israel.

    * Firearms
    * Explosives/Flammables
    * Corrosive Chemicals 

For more information on what you can take visit our website link "Olim Hadash Rights" >
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