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To all:

Stop posting OnePlus sweepstakes links. It's against the rules. All posts are going to be deleted and violators will be banned. That's it. Consider this the warning.

I keep hearing about the OnePlus 5/5T/6, from all these tech bloggers..." It would be great if only OnePlus had decided on dual speakers!"

Is it just me? But doesn't the earpiece act as a speaker when listening to stuff? (like YouTube for instance) because I can hear sound coming from that earpiece! Just try covering the main speaker? Tell me what you hear!

OP6 white and rose gold was a good touch. I can see it being popular with the ladies. I would have loved a black and rose gold! Defo would have made me switch from Samsung

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Waiting for #OP6, I enjoy with my #OP5 😊

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Hello, i Hope some one can help me. I have a op5 with unlock bootloader and a custom recovery (twrp by blue) i have flash a lot rom since september 2018.
But since today i have a different warning at boot.Someone can tell me what it is and how remove this warning.
My phone work fine but it's not normal i think. Thank a lot

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The Avengers edition OnePlus 6!!
If this was available in the US it would have me thinking about getting one for sure.

I am planning on buying One Plus 6 which comes as a relatively cheap price of Rs. 35k compared to other Flagship smartphones like Pixel-2XL etc. One Plus is also claiming that their OP6 camera is better than Pixel-2XL's also. I am particularly worried about the speed of the Android updates in One Plus phones? Can someone shed light on how fastly One Plus is providing the Android updates compared to Pixel? I know that OP1, OP2 received updates very late, but not sure if that pace has improved.

What do you think about OP6? I was planning on buying Pixel 3 but I guess it'd be twice OP6's price with almost the same features. What are your thoughts?

So I am considering buying my first oneplus. Can anyone here speak to how well oneplus updates their phones? Both security and OS?

Right now I am going to either be buying the upcoming oneplus 6 or the Mate 10 pro. I have been over all the specs so that is not an issue. Updates are my main concern.

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OnePlus 6 Wallpapers (and older devices)
From the designer
OnePlus 6 Wallpapers
OnePlus 6 Wallpapers

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This is pretty nice!!

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