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{ They are still up for adoption. }
Kawaii Girl Auction
Kawaii Girl Auction

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Would someone rate Ivory?
I don't plan on giving her a cutie mark, writing a bio, or anything like that, so just rate her name and appearance, please. :3

Yes, she is a pastel goth.
Yes, her hair is dyed black and her natural hair color is a light yellow.
No, that isn't paint. She has a paint splatter-like birthmark with is a very dark brown. Not all art I've gotten of her is accurate.
No, the pinkish part of her hair isn't dyed. It's a pastel rainbow hair extension.
Yes, she is wearing makeup which the the dripping pattern under her eyes and the "stitches" on her mouth.
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Name: Silent Note
Age: 19
Talent:Play Guitar and Piano
CM: A musical Note

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New Species called soul links

Soul links are ponied who had a animal born or a plant spouted the same time as they where born and they do not get cutie marks
This is a rare happening 1 out of 50 ponies born are soul link
Pony rarities
Earth pony: common
Unicorn: uncommon
Pegasus: rare
Alicorn: non extant
Other rarities
No neck: rare
Plant link: uncommon
Animal link: common
Legs not connected to the body: common


This is my oc Soul is the plant and link is the pony 

Glad to join.
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