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Welcome everyone! I hope if you joined this community you are not disappointed. This community is for both genders, boy and girls, and teens at that.
Here you will find posts along the categories of relationships
(boyfriends/girlfriends), friends, or even people you can talk to when you are having a rough day. This is for all teens but make it fun.

Rules are no spam (repeating the same thing over and over), be nice, no harassment.


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Today's challenge is comment what is your favorite thing to do and what is in front of you right now.

Mine is rapping and this in front of me....My brother

Have you ever had your heart played with. I have and that shit hurts.

What's up followers? I haven't been on here for a while so I'm gonna give a daily challenge everyday, at least try.

Today's challenge is comment some ideas you think could help make our community grow.

Whts up everyone?

Good morning everyone! Today is a special day for a person named +Blind Genius told me that we should do this.

What it is called is follow day. For those who don't know this day, like I did, I will explain. It's simple really all you do is follow each other and comment about one another with no drama. So have fun everyone!

On Follow day!

I'm so bored 😭
I need someone to talk to
Boy or girl
No I do not send nudes

Hey guys I thought we should do an icebreaker and get to know everyone a little better. My name is Cody and I'm 18, some of my hobbies are photography, stargazing, playing guitar and watching/playing sports. I'm probably the most open minded person you'll find and I love learning new things.

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