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Deep Blue Delay Build
I recently had the opportunity to build one of the Deep Blue Delay Kits and I learned a lot from it.  It was fun and it works/sounds great!  I decided to take a moment and write a blog post about the build and share photos of it to help those who want to build it and need to confirm what their build should look like finished.

Feel free to share your thoughts and photos of your builds as well!  We'd love to get your feedback and experience in building them.

#deepbluedelay #effectskitbuild #mklec

I have purchased multiple kits from MLEK as as well as supplies and other parts. I have found it to be a great experience.  I feel important and not just a number. I am thankful for the customer service.  Cudos to  MLEK!!!!!! 

Got my first order from mklec and am impressed! Great packaging, fast shipping and clear labels. Highly recommended.

We just wanted to welcome everyone to our community and thank you all for your interest.  The goal of this community is to provide a place to discuss projects as well as for us to keep our customers in the loop on what's new and going on at mklec.

We feel forums are the "old" way of community and so we've decided to embrace the awesome platform Google has provided instead since it really makes sharing much easier than forums and has the social element built right in.  So we hope you enjoy our community and find it an awesome place to socialize and learn/share your ideas.

Thank you and please let us know how we can serve you.

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Guitar Effects Pedals
We currently have the Deep Blue Delay and the Klon Centaur kits in stock, ready to ship! 

You can always visit to see the available kits as well as order yours.

We're working to bring you the Cornish G2 and Cornish SS-2, which should be available sometime this coming week.  Is there a pedal kit you would like to see available at #mklec ?  Well add your comments and we'll make it available as soon as we possibly can.

#guitareffectspedals #pedalkits #deepbluedelay #kloncentaur #cornishg2 #cornishss2
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