Here is part three, sorry for the wait.

“Your Grace! My Queen wait!” The maid runs over to the Queen down the lovely red hallway. “Queen Victoria.” The Queen turns around to face the maid. “Yes Violet?”
“The auction starts tonight, what would you have me do your Grace?”
The Queen thinks for a moment. “Go to the auction, check it out. Akuma has informed me that The Cat might be there tonight.”
“Forgive me my Grace, but how do you know if we can trust her?”
“Violet, due to the deal we have made in the past, she does as told. I trust her. Now go and get dressed, the people at the auction cannot know that you are merely a maid.”
The maid bows. “Yes your Grace.”
The Queen continues down the hallway. “Now then, what dress would work best for the occasion?” The maid turns a heel and walks swiftly off to her room.
“There you are sweet sister.” The maid turns to see a man with purple hair and a woman standing next to him. She rolls her eyes. “Don’t call me that Alistair..”
“And why not, darling sister?” He chuckles.
“You are no brother of mine, your blood is tainted, you are a bastard. Besides, you look nothing like me.”
“Must you be so cruel in front of our guest?” Alistair gestures to the young woman.
“I don’t care, I don’t know her.”
The woman hangs her head slightly. “I should not be here..”
“Nonsense..” He tilts her head up slightly.
“Keeping her as your pet are you? You never change..” Violet replies smugly.
Alistair looks back to his sister. “You are right, and I never will. Now then miss, come with me..” He takes the lady's hand and walks off.
“Pathetic…” Whispers Violet, sighing to herself.

“My people will have vengeance… even if I have to march into battle… they will pay..” I look out the Black Tower to the burned and charred villagers below. “Even if it’s the last thing I do…” I see small white fires around the village, black smoke filled my lungs… it stung like hell.
Impure the man said…. my people… impure.. says the he..
As I continue to look out I see small bodies were piled up at the foot of the tower.
My people…
I let out a loud scream of anger and mourning.
“The Pure One’s… I’ll kill them…. I’ll kill them all…” My eyes go dark as midnight, and  the corners of my mouth curl up into a sadistic smirk. The Black tower starts to crack below as a dark aura surrounds me.

Violet’s eyes open abruptly, “Dammit… how did I manage to fall asleep.” She glances at the ball dresses in her closet, sighing. “Oh right. What a bloody bore..” 
She picks up a long black ball dress with a couple petticoats and a high neck. “This should do…though now I’m going to need help with the corset….”

“Ahh! Stop.. it hurts…” Violet shouts.
“Just hold on Miss Violet.. a little longer..” A younger maid, say about seventeen years of age, is pulling a few strings from behind her.
“I can’t!”
“Hang on, almost got it..” She pulls a little tighter.
“Dammit! You’re killing me with this Lillian! Are you sure corsets are supposed to be this tight?!”
Lillian speaks softly. “I’m so sorry Miss Violet..” She does one last little pull and ties the string. “There, you look lovely with the corset.”
Violet hisses to the young maid. “Are you incompetent?”
“Whatever do you mean Miss Violet?” Her voice shakes slightly.
“This corset is much too tight..” 
“I-I’m sorry, I’ll fix it right away.” She says franticly.
“No no, just leave it, you’ve messed with it enough. Just move on to the dress, and be quick about it.” Violet huffs.
“Y-yes, of course.”

Dāku Unmei part two guys. :)
The Cat strikes again. “Dammit! Why can’t I catch this guy!?” Slam! The inspector smacks a hand on the desk angrily.
A man, looking to be about in his mid 20’s, standing by the desk looks over to the irritable Inspector, his purple hair falling in his eyes. “You don’t know if it’s a guy.” 
“Please.. as if a lady would cause all this.” The Inspector sets down the paper, eyes rolling.
“But Inspector, you are a lady-” The man replies smugly, though being cut off by the Inspector’s rather short temper.
“Oh shut it, you know what I mean!” The woman puts a teacup to her lips takes a sip, the smell of the earl grey tea seemed almost enough to calm her.. almost. Then setting it back down carefully on the mahogany desk.
“Inspector, what do you suppose we do..”
“If I had some sort of lead.. something..” Her eyes widen almost like a child would when opening a gift upon Christmas morning. “Wait, I’ve got it!”
“What, what have you got?”
“The Cat, he, or she I suppose, steals any object they can get their hands on, though we don’t know why we know that at least. Criminals tend to slow down when things don’t get exciting enough, no? And he, or she, has taken a few weeks to start up again if you remember. She must be looking for something more rewarding. Something really worth the effort..” The Inspector puts her hand to her chin as she thinks.
“Going on conjecture are we? I thought you didn’t do that Inspector.”
Ignoring the man she continues. “Ah yes, that is it. The auction tonight.”
“What is at the auction Inspector?”
“Something of great value..” The Inspector takes out a quill and paper, dipping her quill in the ink she writes a letter to the Queen. As she finishes she puts the letter in an envelope and closing it, then sealing the letter. She hands the letter to the man. “Since you are here on the Queen's order….take this to her Grace, and do not open it.” She speaks sternly to the young man.
A small smirk tugs at the man’s lips, something that was rather typical of him, he takes it in his hand, “Of course.. Inspecter.” The man faces the doorway and walks right out of the inspector's office slowly, as if he didn’t have a care in the world.
“Burn her!” The man heard another yell. He turns to some people crowded near a woman, she was tied to a stake. “What is going on here..?” He asks.
“This bitch is going to burn for her sins, she is a witch.” Shouts another man from the crowd, he was scrawny and much shorter than the other in front of him.
“A witch.. and how do you know?”
“She looks like one.” This stocky little man seemed to think he had a case going.
The crowd starts to get louder with agreement.
“And what did she do..?”
“Well..nothing..” His eyes tilt up and his arms cross he clearly didn’t know what he was saying.
“Then she is burning for nothing?”
The man, along with the crowd, looks to the woman on the stake.
“Let me go! I didn’t do nothin’! Let me go!” Hisses the woman.
“Shut up witch!”
The man walks up to the woman on the stake, taking out his blade. “This woman is coming with me.. you will not cause any harm to her..” With one slash he cuts the rope that was wrapped around her wrists, she falls from the stake. The man’s eyes flashes black and everything seems to slow down, he puts his sword in its sheath and swoops up the woman swiftly.
“T-thank you so much..” The woman whispers.
“I did not do this for you… I find you intriguing, and I would like to keep you around for a little while.” He smirks at the woman and tucks a couple strands of brown hair out of her face. “Let me take you home..”

Hey, so this is part one of Dāku Unmei, hope you guys enjoy it!
That day, I remembered it so well. That day when my old life ended and my new one had begun. I was gathering ingredients in the forest nearby our village, my mother sent me to get some so she could make supper for father, her, and me. As I was picking berries for the fruit dish something smelled off…. smoke, was it? Yes, it must be.
My eyes darted around as I scan the area to find where the scent was. Funny. It seemed to be coming from the direction I went to get here, coincidence, mustn't it be? My curiosity pulled me away from the berry bush and I started off the way I came, berries in hand. As I came closer I could feel heat, the smoke filling my lungs and making my eyes water. Fire, it was then that I knew what was really happening. 
I ran as fast as I could, not minding the lightheadedness I felt or my asthma. I had to get back. I just had to, so I pushed myself further. I finally got back to the hill just above my village. Red. Everything was stained red, my village up in flames. I dropped to my knees and Howled. “Mother! Father!” 
I couldn’t take it anymore. My eyelids felt heavy as I try to stay awake. I fall to the ground below, and everything. Went. Black.
“Victoria.” A faint voice was heard. “Victoria wake up, it’s time for you to have breakfast.” The young Earl’s eyes flutter open and stare at the spider-like object atop her desk. “What are you, my alarm clock?” Victoria asks, chuckling. The spider-like object then speaks again. “Very funny Vic… now get out before I make you, Miss Mira asked me to get you, she will yell at me if we don’t hurry.” She chuckles again. “And how do you suppose you’ll do that Shadow? You’re a tiny little thing.”
“Have I ever told you how much I really hate you sometimes? Anyhow, you seemed to be shifting in your sleep and mumbling something, how come? Is it nightmares again?” She looks down a bit. “Y-yeah…” 
Shadow crawls from the desk top, down the leg closest to the her, then to the floor. He tries make an effort climbing her bed from the sheets, falling each time, as per usual. “Must you always be such a klutz? Come now.” She says, shaking her head a little. She holds out her hand for the dorky little spider. “Come on, I haven’t got all day.” He crawls on her hand as she gently brings her hand over the bed to set him down. Shadow looks up at the girl. “Now up up Victoria, you need to go eat.” 
She sighs a little. “Yes sir..” She states sarcastically. She sits up slowly and kicks her legs off the edge of the bed, stretching her arms as she lets out a long yawn. Shadow crawls up her arm and onto her shoulder. “Move! I command thee!” He shouts.
“Ordering around your creator eh?” She says jokingly, raising an eyebrow.
“Something like that.. now go go go!!” 
“I’m going…. geez….” She finally stand up and walks towards the door, opening it. Then closing it just after she exits and walks down the lovely dark wood staircase.
The two get down stairs only to see Miss Mira glaring at Shadow, a spatula in hand.
Miss Mira Pennyworth, ah yes.. where to begin. Miss Mira is quite an old fashioned and rather strict woman. She for some reason has the strange notion that Victoria must always, and yes, always, act lady-like. Asking to put her in dresses, telling her she works too much, asking her to eat like a lady… Victoria could never see why the maid fusses over such things. Though she may be pushy on some subjects, she is a very loyal servant.
“Mistress, what are you wearing??” Speaking of which…
“My night clothes Miss Mira.”
“And you haven’t bothered to dress??”
She sighs and takes Victoria by the hand. “Now I would dress you but your dinner is getting cold, come come miss.”
“I’m an Earl, I can dress myself.” She says, struggling to get out of her grip.
“I really do hate when you call yourself that.”
“And I hate when you call me a lady..”
“You are a lady and you should act like one, honestly, you should be doing something else with your life.”
The spider snickers as the two were bickering like an old married couple.
“What is it?” She whispers.
“It’s just, your name I just realized..”
“What about my name?” 
“You remind me so much of the Queen.” 
Victoria hisses at the cocky little spider as they march off to the dining room.

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