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I purchased a Fire 8 HD tablet for $49 mainly because it was a good deal. I already have a Nvidia Shield k1 for gaming. Has anyone found a controller that works with the Fire 8?

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Mp9 ghostwhite? Snjata apakah itu? Yak ini adlah slah stu snjta yg pling bnyak diminati dan katanya auto HEADSHOT? WOW... ,
slah stunya gua mmlikinya :v dan di video ini gua akan mlakukan percobaan mnggunakan snjata trsebut :v dan... apakah auto headshot :v
Lngsung cekidot...

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🎮 FPS G22 #0001 _ Call Of War WW2 : FPS Frontline Shooter android gameplay

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Serious is not Simple

RTO (Request. TimeOut)

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Katekyo Hitman reborn gameplay on samsung Galaxy S7

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You need an animation or two ... or some more for an EPIC BOSS FIGHT!

... I still wonder how many of them already exists...

#screenshotsaturday #mobilegame #AndroidDev #indiedev #erun
Animated Photo

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Hi guys, whats up?

I've just published my next Android app - "Simple Dice Roller" in Play Store. It is simple, liteweight and beautifully designed.

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This virtual Dice Roller app can be useful for playing any game that needs a dice. This application can roll upto 2 dices at a time. Just shake your device or tap on the screen to start rolling. Enjoy this FREE app.

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