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When she was a very young girl, She obtained her name.
Maybe it was her parents status.
Maybe it was just who she warrant to be.
at five years old, no matter her age, she was given the name' Humanity' .
Broken down into that of what a" perfect" child was, she had obtained the hardest hits for all she did.
Not physically. Never.
The words hurt the most.
The girls parents were inevitably' Ecpectations', and 'Society'.
It was only her aunt that showed her what Life had to offer, other then her role.
Her aunt was' Opportunities'


we have Deadpool in the community now
but anywhore, i will be doing some Youtube skits for Mind Snap  with a group soon, so stay tuned for some average cosplay

mind snap has been accepted on Tumblr, Facebook and a group of voice actors and skit writers have agreed to make youtube videos to support the fandom. thabnk you to all of the newly joined members for the support

Humanity- Migraine
Insanity- I'll sleep when I'm dead, semi automatic, start to fall
Void-lost cause
((Songs that literally created the characters, they are BASED off them))
insecurity- Don't you dare forget the sun, crawling

As she aged, she witnessed the changes in life some more painful then others. Humanity wore a cloth over her mouth, representing her lack of speech. When she became a teenager, clothing had to cover her arms.
But that didn't hide her little secret. Nothing did.
From' Stress' In the schooling she had to attend, 'Insecurity 'developed.
He was always there.
Words being whispered, harassment was his form of pleasure.
And he only ever terrorized Humanity.
The girl lacked sleep, lacked speech, lacked everything healthy. But then she wondered, and she began to lobe the idea of Death. She fell in love with the concept. But Life...It was against the laws of Life.
Society soon caught her.
Humainty, lacking almost any knowledge as to WHAT would happen, was thrown into a darker hole then she had originally intended
Her obsession with the figure, and the one that followed her...
She lost her Life.
The night Insecurity witnessed such, was the night Expectations died.
((To clear up anything about this, Life is
The queen of a utopia they were all involved in. This utopia, is actually the mind. Death is a figure that takes away the people that reside in the lightest parts of the utopia, and shows them the reality of it all, hence forth Mind Snap. Once Humanity falls into depression, she is taken by Death into the darkness of the mind, where she will meet many people. Not going too in depth, just clearing up what was said. Sorry if this summary of my plot is...vague, or even boring but I'm forming it myself. All opinions will be taken into consideration. Thank you.))
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