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Welcome writers, young and old, I am the owner of this community. Here are the rules that everybody must follow no matter of their status in the community (and the sanctions for failing to stick by them). Even I have to follow these rules. This post will be pinned to the top of this community but if, for whatever reason, I decide to pin something else, there will be a link in the description as well.


1) Every member has the right to post their stories without worrying what anybody else will think of them.
2) Everybody is entitled to their opinion but if you think that your opinion could possibly offend someone, please keep it to yourself to avoid arguments.
3) If somebody or something here offends you, feel free to contact me privately and I will deal with the situation. DO NOT deal with the situation yourself as you could end up getting yourself into trouble as well as the other person.
4) Every genre is allowed here meaning you can write ANYTHING you please and share it here. Just don't hate on other people who pot things other than what you like or you will have to face the consequences.
5) When posting, you must post your stories into the YOUR STORIES category as the MY STORIES category is for me only.
6) Please make sure to post things in the correct category. If there's one thing that I hate most about communities on Google+ is that people always post whatever they want into the incorrect categories. For instance, I can find fan art in a "Discussion" category or a poll in a "Pictures" category. This may not seem like a big deal to the majority of you and I'm fine with that, but personally I think that it makes the community look messy and disorganized so please think carefully before posting things.
7) Linking to the last point, please make sure to double check which category you have placed your post in. If you have posted something in the wrong category by mistake, it isn't a big deal, just remove it and post it into the correct category. Don't reshare it and then delete the original post as this can cause issues with the loading of the post and it won't always show.
8) If I tell you that you have not stuck by the rules, please just accept it and move on. I don't want to start any fights here as I respect everybody who has taken the time to visit this community.


Failure to stick by the rules stated above will result in these sanctions:

First Offence ~ Verbal Warning (no action taken)
Second Offence ~ Warning (this will count on your metaphorical warning counter)
Third Offence ~ Second Warning
Fourth Offence ~ Third Warning
Fifth Offence ~ Week Ban
If you do something completely unacceptable, you will be permanently banned
Warnings will reset at the end if each month
Bans will reset when the person shows maturity and I feel they can be let in. If they continue to break the rules after being let in, they will be banned permanently and never allowed back in.

Enjoy the community!

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I make alot of stories, but I love making characters even more and I wanna share some with you. Here's my most recent one.

Name: Robin Roksane Fables

Nickname: Robin (intimate/close) ; Fables (Acquaintances/friends/workers); the Persuasion Master; Crazy Fable/ Lady

Professional name: Dr. Fables.

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 29
Height: 5'5
Weight: 105 lb. (Underweight)

Occupation: Psychiatrist(Main job); General Surgeon (Volunteer)

Personality: Quiet, calm, outspoken, rude, arrogant, no impulse control, clever, responsible, charming.

Strengths: Medical diagnosis, Manipulation control (only on her patients to make them get better), reading people, typing her phone with one hand, multitasking, taxes.

Weaknesses: Relationships, healthy physique (not enough in her diet), Rule follower at all times, but also has no impulse control in reproved methods of manipulation.

Background: Robin was born in Lincoln's Institute Asylum. Before she was born, her mother had been mentally ill during her pregnancy. Luckily, her illness did not affect the child, or so everyone thought. During her toddler years, Robin had watched her mother go in and out of psychiatric hospitals in a delirium while her father tried to care for her as much as he could. Many doctors couldn't figure out what caused her mother to spontaneously produce the mental illness but before they were able to find out, the mother killed herself through overdose of her psych pills. This was when Robin was 13. After that, she was determined to do something more with her life and figure out what the other doctors couldn't find about her mother. By the time she was 16, she took her GED and immediately went to UC San Diego to major in Pre Med, only to transfer the following year to John Hopkins on full scholarship for the next three years. She spent her entire ten years of medical school and residency through Hopkins and Mercy Hospital of New York. From there, she interned as a surgeon for a year, then moved on to psychiatric therapy finding that this may be more suitable to her goal. She is among the youngest doctors to be able to have two medical titles as a psychiatrist and a surgeon. Although a psychiatrist is not as warmly welcomed as other practitioners, they are more than helpful to those whose minds have been taken down to the road less traveled.

Appearance as a child: (first photo)
Appearance as a teenager: (second photo)
Appearance as an adult: still working on it.

Likes: Food, preferably sweets.
Dislikes: the past
Fears: losing people she cares about to an unknown cause.

Credited photo: (link goes to another photo but it's the same artist.)

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I've got quite a story I've written, but it's roughly 90,000 words long, so I'm not sure posting here would be ideal. It will be a full length novel about a super hero with fantasy origins. If you have any suggestions on how or if I should post it here, I'd love to, but it's not finished yet. I'm still working on the editing. The draft is done, it it still needs a lot of polish.

It will be part of a trilogy.

"The Hunter of Creepypastas, Urban Legends and Other Mythical Creatures" (sometimes shortened to "The Hunter" for obvious reasons) is my own horror series that I will post on Wattpad and share the links here (my name there is DoctorPuntastic for those who want to become a Puntastic Pioneer today #shamelessselfpromo) which follows the life of Algernon Miller, a 24 year old English man who has grown up with stories of monstrous beasts such as The Rake, Slenderman, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster to name but a few. Algy, with some help from his (as yet unnamed) brother along the way. In the first season, Algy will hunt for creepypastas, in the second, he will hunt for urban legends, in the third, he will hunt for mythical creatures and in the fourth and final season, he will be called into the SCP foundation to prevent SCPs escaping captivity and wreaking havoc on the outside world. The episode titles are as follows:

Chapter 1

1) Lavender Town Syndrome
2) Abandoned by Disney
3) Goatman
4) Ben Drowned
5) Jeff the Killer
6) The Rake
7) Slenderman
8) Smile Dog
9) The Russian Sleep Experiment

Chapter 2

1) The Mongolian Death Worm
2) Chupacabra
3) Spring-Heeled Jack
4) The Jersey Devil
5) The Monkey Man of Delhi
6) Hook Man
7) Bloody Mary
8) Kelpie
9) The Skunk Ape

Chapter 3

1) The Dragon Hunters
2) Vampire
3) The Loch Ness Monster
4) Mothman
5) The Mermaids
6) The Last Berserker
7) Bigfoot
8) Unicorn
9) The Giants

Chapter 4

1) 049: The Great Pestilence
2) 002: Moving In
3) 035: The Mask
4) 895: The Coffin
5) 1048: Bear
6) 096: Emotional
7) 106: Warper
8) 173: Blink
9) SCP: Containment Breach

I am opening places for two people to help me on this project. To apply for a place, all you need to do is write a paragraph down below of no more than 50 words explaining why I should choose you to help me. Get writing, these places close Monday 10th April 16:30 British time! Any submissions made after this deadline will not be accepted. The best two will help me on this project and will get to know my secret plans for the final series. My next post will be a description of Algernon Miller and a back story for the character. I will also post synopses for each episode in the future but that's all from me for now, if you liked this post, don't forget to slap that +1 button right in the face and as always I will see you in the next post, love you all, stay puntastic, bye.


That is a question I'm frequently asked on my other communities so here is a guide to show you where you can post certain things.

IMPORTANT POSTS (ME ONLY) ~ Pretty self explanatory. Only I can post here and it will contain posts of importance to the whole community.
FUTURE PLANS ~ Where you can post ideas you have for upcoming stories or series etc.
YOUR STORIES ~ Where you guys can post your stories.
MY STORIES ~ Where only I can post my stories.
SIGNUP ~ A category for everyone. Only use this category when asking other members for help on your story/series. For example, I'm currently almost finished planning a horror series called "The Hunter of Creepypastas, Urban Legends and Other Mythical Creatures" and I will take in two lucky members to work on it with me.
OTHER ~ If I have to explain this one, you have issues XD
CHARACTER INFO ~ Post information/bios of your characters
STORY/PLOT INFO ~ Share basic plotlines and synopses for your stories
SETTING INFO ~ Share descriptions of the settings in your stories
HELP/ADVICE ~ Where you can ask other members what to do next if you get stuck with your story and don't know what to do next.
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