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·        Extra Moving Tips!
·        Give yourself a few weeks time to pack. Don't start your move last minute.
         Decide between renting a truck or a portable storage container.
·        Turn on music when parking for your move to make it more enjoyable and go by faster.
·        Don't over pack your boxes! Lift them as you go to ensure they don't become too heavy to carry.
·        Number each box as you pack to make sure you're not missing any when you unpack.
·        Resist the urge to pop bubble wrap before parking your fragile items =)
·        Packing with newspaper can leave ink stains. Use parking paper instead
·        No more parking paper? Use extra linen or towels instead to keep the items in your box secure.
·        Offer water to your movers. Hydrated movers are happy movers!
         If you want to save money by doing a "do it yourself move" you can hire movers to do the heavy lifting for you.
·        Don't forget to make a final round through all the rooms in your home to ensure nothing is left behind.
·        Remember to turn off and disconnect your utilities before heading to your new home!
·        Don't forget to fill out and mail forms to change your address at the post office and the DMV.
·        Designate a parking area to maintain a clutter-free home during your move.
·        FYI! Do not kick truck if you lose keys!

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