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His name was Felix, he just recently went through a divorce. He figured out his wife was cheating on him when he got back home early from the office. The sight of his wife with another man shattered Felix deep down, changing him altogether, he immediately started beating the other man out of a blind rage. Now five years have passed since that day, Felix still shattered from it slightly but he is starting to recover. He tended to go to the bar very often after work and drink until he was happy. Happiness Felix had a hard time finding that after that day often he caught himself wishing he didn't get off work early or even that the affair existed, thats why he drinks to get rid of those feelings.

The bar was calm and conversational like always, Felix sat at the bar still in his suit and tie, sipping on whisky. Drowning out his sadness with every sip. *So, bartender wanna hear a joke? *the bartender walked over and leans on the counter infront of him.
Shoot. he said with a big cheery smile.
So you hear about the restaurant on the moon-yeah, no atmosphere. Felix softly chuckled afterwards seeing that the joke made the bartender sigh and shake his head. It's a good joke?!
It was cringy... but good, I'll use that joke at my dinner table with my family hehe break the awkward silence haha. the cheery smile comes back and the bartender writes the joke down then goes about his duties. Felix now sat allow he was the only one in a suit and tie in the bar, no one dared approach for they thought her was a executive, but almost everyone was drunk.
Hey Alvon, I'll be on my way now thanks I left your tip. Felix gave him a 20 dollar tip and the payment, leaving the counter and headung to the door.
Be safe out there Felix, the gangs have been awfully active as of late. Alvon waved his goodbye with a smile. Exiting the bar Felix takes in the night air allowing it to fill up hus lungs.
Gotta train the newbie tomorrow, jeez lets hope I don't smell like a distillery. Felix said to himself in a hush tone while walking swiftly like a spooked animal to the apartment complex just across the street. The night was cold but welcoming in a way, he stepped into the complex and trekked up a flight of stairs to the 34th flour and 16th room. Unlocking the door he steps in and takes of his loafers and jacket putting them by the door, after he went to his room, walking past the empty guest room. nothing beats the glories of home. He said happily while entering the room and changes to his sleeping attire. Walking to the kitchen he grabs a pot and filled it with water to prepare for tomorrow. Heading to the bathroom he brushed his teeth and cleaned himself thoroughly, after he walked to his room and tucked himself in. In Felix's dream he had a duaghter named Ebony and a son named Croch but his wife, her face, was blurred and her voice was none existant. Waking up at 5 A.M, he took a shower, brushed his teeth, combed his hair then changed back to his suit and tie going to the kitchen and putting the pot on and waiting for it to boil. While waiting Felix grabs the spaghetti noodles then put them in while it was boiling. When the noodles where cooking Felix made the sauce, it was made of Tomatoes, mushrooms, tomato slices, a bit of hotsauce and some ground beef. When it was all done he put some in a container with some sauce and put it by the door, later he grabs a plate and serves himself going over to his table and eating slowly since he had four hours before work. Four hours later Felix arrived at work putting his lunch in the fridge and making a cup of coffee. Hope this newbie doesn't kill me haha. His nervous laugh echoes through rhe almost empty workplace. Felix pours himself a cup of coffee and waited for the newbie by the entrance. There she was a beautiful young woman looked to be the same age as Felix, 25. Felix was sort of dazed but kept up a certain attitude. hello ma'am do you happen to be our newest recruit, if you are welcome to the ranks we'll be glade to have you. Felix said with a smile and a formal posture.
Yeah I am the recruit, nice to meet you. she sticks out her hand for a hand shake. Felix takes her hand and grasps down firmly then shook.
Felix, Felix Rockwell I will be your guide for the next two weeks. I am looking forward to your success in the business. He finished with a smile

((2 lines or above))
((Your the newbie))
((Take it slow... please))
((Number one rule enjoy yourself))

((Tell me if you'd like sexual stuff later on))
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((Nerdy Kitsune))

Name: Autumn Klatski

Nickname: mute

Age: 15-20

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 100lbs

Born 2001, August, 15th

Job: Secretary (if 18 or older)

Sexual preference: male preferably but sometimes female.

Gender: female

Race: Fox person (kitsune)


She is considered quiet unlike most of her people either not speaking at all or they talk to much, she likes to find a happy medium. Some say she likes to read and study history. She is usually in a good mood and is filled with energy to spend. She would be more considered a loner since she stumbles on words while speaking. She known to be friendly to new people.


Autumn kept to herself most of the time, she never did know her mother or father she was just gave to a pet store and sold there, back when there was little to no rights at all for Kitsunes. She wasn't sold quickly since her buying price was a little too high. After a year past by being the age of one the price lowered to an affordable cost, people started making offers left-right and center. Eventually a person like at the auctions gad to come in. After that long day she was sold to her new master, that would feed her, care for her, and most of all love her.

*The world as we know it is slowly getting worse and worse your family was just the start of a long bloody war. A war that will last a life time. There are many victims of the war with the chosen or so they call themselve. The chosen a group of humans who believe that they have ascended further than Humanity itself. The chosen knocked down your door while you were still a child and forced you to watch as they slaughter you father and rape then kill your mother. After that they branded you as a slave and took you to a concentration camp. Three days, after that you got liberated by the rebel forces, you were raised by a kind young Soldier that tought you many of the things you know today.
Now as an adult you have a choice join the military force of the Rebellion against the chosen and take your revenge or become a farmer like your guardian.*

((There will be gore))
((There will be harsh language))
((There will be sexual content))
((There will be child abuse))
((There will be rape))
((There will be drugs involved as well))

((And any gender))

I am bored and Can't sleep open for rp

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ty for accepting me !! sorry if i did any of this wrong aah-

~Normal stuff~
Name Tamotsu Akiyama
Age 16-19 (depends on the rp)
Species Human/Elemental
Personality depends on the rp, either:
>cold, irritable, uncaring, generally not a fun guy, a lil sadistic?? or
>asocial, quiet, generous(ish?), kinda clueless?? he’s trying
Likes collecting knives??, cooking, rock/alternative music (specifically the band ever nowhere) working retail he loves dealing with idiots bc the satisfaction of watching them get frustrated
Dislikes loud noises, sunlight, most people
Bio a very long story

~Protection of self and others~
Powers yikes ok so fire, ice, light & shadow (but he stole all these from people he killed(??)) and mind reading/telekinesis sort of??? (not really? he’s not trained for that) also he rarely uses these beCAUSE he likes knives better than “his” powers because he feels he has more control with them
Weapons KNIVES i need to do more research with this bc i cant just say knives that could mean he likes using a damn butter knife which i imagine would be frustrating if your aim is to kill

~love life~
crush supposedly none (its sayuri 👀)
Boyfriend/girlfriend no thanks
Lover ”excuse me”

~tell us about your self~
Height i never decided
Weight haha no
Appearance 1st photo is default non-school outfit, 2 is headshot, 3 is school uniform, 4 is clan mark ref all art is mine btw

Adoptive Father Yasu forgot his last name hhh
Mother Maiko Akiyama
Father i never developed him bc he wasnt important to the story :/
Half brother Ryuu (no surname??)
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~Normal stuff~
Name: Jared
Age: 19
Species: human
Personality: narcissistic
Likes: attention, his trumpet
Dislikes: being ignored, being left out, loneliness
From a young age Jared was raised by his mother and father but through the years he stopped getting attention from them and so he would do everything to try and get it like saying “I’m gonna go get a tattoo”. It it never worked. So through time his bright blue eyes faded to a dull gray color. And when he started going to school everything had to be about him.
~Protection of self and others~
Powers: none
Weapons: a small knife he keeps in his sock
~love life~
crush: None
Boyfriend/girlfriend: none
Lover: none
~tell us about your self~
Height: 4’ 9” (doesn’t look like it in the pic but it’s true)
Weight: 100 lbs
Appearance: wears a white button up with a red tie, navy blue pants, and black shoes, dull grey eyes that look lifeless without a smug smile.
Cousin : never met
Grandma : never met
Grandpa : never met
Adoptive Mother: none
Adoptive Father: none
Stepsister: none
Stepbrother: none
Mother: Betty
Father: Johnathon
Sister: none
Brother: none
~2nd family~
Wife/Husband: none
Son: none
Daughter: none

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rp ideas.
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Any one who wants to rp can I will rp with Nora
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