How can we empower parents to be an additional support for their children?

What are your favorite tools that you give families to work on world language learning together?

What types of feedback are most effective? How does that affect your teaching of subsequent lessons?

Does the sequence of activities done in class make an impact on student learning?

Why are "brain breaks" important? What are your favorites?

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What is proficiency? What are characteristics of a proficiency-based class vs. a content-based class?

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What activities can we do with students to interact with a text?
What can teachers do to make a text more accessible?

How do you cultivate community in your world language class?
How do you communicate and enforce your expectations in your classroom?

How important is grammar in your world language class?
What are some ways you currently use grammar instruction in your class?

What is a "language function?"
How does functional language differ from vocabulary lists?

Do you have any resolutions for your teaching practice? How do you intend to continue engaging learners with contextualized, meaningful, real-life, and communicative-oriented learning tasks?
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