I previously used Settings extended on my one plus one. I now have one plus 3 (6.0.1) and just upgraded to the paid version.
I have an issue with the sound profile and volume. In one tile I was able to set volume and mode. Now it always seems to default to priority with the star. I suppose I can add a second tile for volume but why is the combined tile behaving strangely? 

Settings extended has suddenly disappeared (after months of working like a charm) and I can't get it to appear again. 

Any idea what i did wrong and more importantly how I can get my shortcuts bar to re-appear?

I'm on a Oneplus one

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Hey everybody who likes to listen to audiobooks and who never tried yet. I've just released a beta version of Audiopie - new audiobooks player. Everybody is welcome to join the community and give it a try. Enjoy!

Hello.  When I set notifications to Sound only with the notification volume set to 0, It will still vibrate.  In system settings, message notifications, notifications it is set to vibrate.  If I turn vibrate off in system settings, then even if I set it to vibrate in Settings Extended, it will not vibrate.  What am I missing, if anything?  Thanks!

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Dear Japanese users. Due to new changes to Japan Consumption Tax (JCT) Law creating a huge organizational overhead by requiring me to charge, remit, and report JCT I decided to remove Japan from country distribution list. Still love you guys and hope for future tax handling simplification allowing me to revisit this decision.

More details can be found here: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/138000?hl=en

#epicfail   #japan  

Status bar widget crashing on 6.0 Marshmallow (Nexus 5 rooted). Any chance of working update soon?

Hi, I installed Settings Extended and was trying it out, but it suddenly disappeared from notifications panel and I can't get it back. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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How do I change the app icons choosing from the icon packs I have installed? I am on KitKat

I've been using settings extended for some time. However, for reasons unknown to me, it keeps linking to my corporate Google account instead of my personal. I can't utilize the advanced features I've paid for because I can't switch Google accounts in the app. Nor can I just give up and pay again - I have no mechanism available for paying via my corporate Google account. Is there a way to switch accounts in the settings extended app?

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Settings Extended doesn't scale icons properly when the device is using non-stock DPI settings. My phone has a stock DPI of 480 and setting it to 390 causes Settings Extended to look like how it is in the screenshot. (The button in the middle is a tasker task)
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