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Delphi iOS & Android Developers moving to Delphi Developers
New posts will not be visible.

To pull together all things Delphi into one single community and cut down on having to manage cross posts and unsolicited spam - the Delphi Developers community have received a makeover to support iOS, OSX, Android, Linux and Windows categories in the same community.

The iOS & Android community have been a spam magnet for app spammers, and many Delphi people cross post their blogs and videos here as reshares, which often means their posts are trapped in the automatic spam filter, and I am getting tired of having to clean up that mess.

Hence, I am now closing down this community and redirecting the activity to the Delphi Developers Community .

Thanks for participating in this community, and welcome to the Delphi Developers!


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Join at will.
I'm testing the new and improved community spam killer from Google.
If you do post spam, you will face the consequences ;)

Due to spam, the access to this community currently is per request.
To increase your chances of approval, please have an Avatar and add a little info about yourself or your interests. If you look like a spammer or your public posts looks like spam, you may be rejected.

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Event "Two Days Delphi Extreme" in Recife-PE-Brazil starting now! Thanks to Gnostice for sponsoring and the support of TMS, SourceOddity, FastReports, Devart and TheClubMagazine

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RFC: Communities and Spammer Counter-measures
Do you think it would matter if we changed the communities from "Anyone can join" to "Anyone can ask to join" to reduce the amount of spam accounts and spam posts in the Delphi communities?

Option 1: Anyone can ask to join (mod approval)
We change to requiring moderator approval of people that want to join, which means a moderator will take a quick glance at the request and try to figure out if the account is an actual person, or a spammer.

Option 2: Anyone can join (as it is today)
No change. This means spammer accounts can join. Today, we delete 8-12 porn spam accounts daily for all the communities, and spam posts can occur (typically 2-4 daily in the iOS / Android group).

Option 3: Spam? What spam? (I don't care)
You are fine with both option 1 and 2.
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Anyone can ask to join (mod approval)
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Anyone can join (as it is today)
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Spam? What spam? (I don't care)

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Reminder: Why not add a little personality to your profile by having an avatar?  It can be your own mugshot, your car, your cat, your favorite food, or some other random image from the internet.
Don't be a #bluehead  - Update your profile!

It gives me a warm fuzzy feel to look at a face or an Avatar, instead of a blue head, when reading the discussions - and I have to say that I find it somewhat annoying that people don't bother to give up even just a little of themselves on their profile.

It looks like Google+ is here to stay, so why not make yourself at home?

No pressure, just do it ;)

Amazing how many spammers that are attracted to the "ios" and "android" part of this community name.


FYI - Renamed the community to Delphi iOS & Android Developers to make the purpose more obvious.
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