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Delphi iOS & Android Developers moving to Delphi Developers
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To pull together all things Delphi into one single community and cut down on having to manage cross posts and unsolicited spam - the Delphi Developers community have received a makeover to support iOS, OSX, Android, Linux and Windows categories in the same community.

The iOS & Android community have been a spam magnet for app spammers, and many Delphi people cross post their blogs and videos here as reshares, which often means their posts are trapped in the automatic spam filter, and I am getting tired of having to clean up that mess.

Hence, I am now closing down this community and redirecting the activity to the Delphi Developers Community .

Thanks for participating in this community, and welcome to the Delphi Developers!


Is there a tutorial to implement any iOS SDK into firemonkey? For instance ?

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I'm looking for a reliable way to allow floating-point number input into a cross-platform Android and iOS app.

Sounds easy, but due to bugs and omissions in the FMX controls/RTL, it's proving very difficult so wonder if anyone has a suggestion?

I've used TNumberBox with ValueType set to Float. In theory that should be enough, however on Android, when the value is set to 0 (as it will be by default), on Android the box shows empty and you can't enter a value into it first time round. This works fine on iOS...

So I tried a TEdit, with ValidChars set to 0123456789.

This doesn't seem to filter input on Android, so the user can type letters, symbols etc - and only after exiting the control does it apply the filter and give the user 0 as their value. Really bad UX.
Incidently - this works as I need it to on iOS and Windows so just Android that's behaving differently.

I've tried the excellent TMSEdit control from the FMX UI Pack, which has even more control and would be great, except it backs onto the TEdit control so ValidChars has the same issue and therefore useless...

Finally, the lack of "DecimalPad" as a keyboard type means I have to show the users on all platforms a really unsuitable keyboard with numbers, symbols, letters etc so can't even work around the UX issue by limiting the keyboard. It seems this is the one keyboard type EMB haven't exposed for some reason.

I'm hitting a brick wall, and dread the idea of having to release a version of my app with some half-baked unnatural feeling editor experience in so wonder if anyone else has managed to find a good solution to this?

I've also logged all these bugs with EMB...

The DecimalPad issue is logged under 2 entries:

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like where I create database applications online . I use Mydac but always come out a connection when the added data. how to resolve the error in order to get out the message as where .

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@Simon Stuart - MULTI TOUCH
Hi, Is there an updated version of this ?

is possibile to remove the loss of quality when the image is put in array CACHE?

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This tutorial video shows you how to setup a transition viewer with FirePower controls. You can transition images or records. It supports over 20 transition types and can display more than one record at a time.

We are converting our iOS application from XE7 to Berlin. All right with Delphi but problems when trying to run on device. After F9 pressed it compiles without error, we see deploying but just when start to run we got:

[Window Title]Error[Content]
Unable to launch process on '' using the parameters from the 'IOS' profile. The following error was returned: 'Unable to install package. (e8000051)' [OK]

We rebuild the iOS certificates but no more clues where to go! Please help!

I'm just new with developing android apps using d10 seattle, been trying out unidac for sqlite connection to store the data into my mobile internal storage. I have this code to connect to my sqlite database when i click button.

MyConnection.ProviderName := 'SQLite';
MyConnection.SpecificOptions.Values['Direct'] := 'True';
MyConnection.SpecificOptions.Values['ForceCreateDatabase'] := 'True';
MyConnection.Database := TPath.Combine(TPath.GetDocumentsPath, 'Drivers.db');

MyConnection.Connected := True;
DriverName.Text := TableDriver.FieldByName('DriverName').AsString;
VehicleName.Text := TableDriver.FieldByName('VehicleName').AsString;


I tested this one to my sony z3 sometimes i successfully can connect and display the first record, but mostly i cant connect to the database when i click button. What else do i need to consider to my mobile app? For sure the database have been copied to my internal storage cause i got to display a record sometimes. What am i missing? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Could anyone help me how can I use correctly the vertscrollbox in an Android application. I have put a vertscrollbox an one tgroupbox and two tlistbox. You can see in the screenshot. When I want to use landscape mode in my application and tap and hold on the tgroupbox the scroll works prety much. But if I tap and hold one of the tlistbox and try to scroll the scrolling does not work. 
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How i can make a button "RATE THIS APP NOW" in my Delphi XE10 Android App ?
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