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Okay! I think I got the security issues sorted out. The store is now open again, but let me know if you encounter any issues. 

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Here's a sneak peek at my legal-sized character sheets for FotF! We've been switching to these at around level 7 when the standard letter-sized sheet starts to feel a bit cramped.

What do y'all use as sheet paper for making maps with Perilous Wilds? 

My Friday night group is delving DEEP. They're five levels down in a ten level megadungeon. A section on one of the levels is a nasty maze of twisting passages, all alike. We improvised a mini-game and I've written it up here for you to enjoy:

(Note: we play with 2d12. If you're playing with 2d6, a CRIT is 12+, a HIT is 10-11, a SPLIT is 7-9, a MISS is 3-6 and a FLOP is 2-.) -------------------------------------------------------------------
Maze of Twisting Passages
When you try to make it through the maze, ask the GM how many True Paths each party member needs to mark and what ability to test, then roll +that ability:

<CRIT> You mark a True Path and all allies take +1 forward
<HIT> You mark a True Path.
<SPLIT> You mark a True Path but burn 1 in the tested ability.
<MISS> The GM chooses one from the list below:
[ ] You burn 1 in the tested ability.
[ ] You must un-mark a True Path.
[ ] The maze takes a toll on your resources.
[ ] A dungeon danger manifests. Stay sharp!
<FLOP> Mark XP. The GM chooses two from the list above.

When everyone has marked all the required True Paths, your party escapes the maze.

Here are some sample mazes:

1. Every player must mark 3 True Paths of Roll+WIS.
2. Every player must mark 2 True Paths, one Roll+STR and one Roll+INT.
3. Every player must mark 1 True Path by testing their worst ability (excluding Luck).
4. Every player must mark 3 True Paths by rolling +two different abilities of their choosing.
5. The group must mark 5 True Paths total by rolling +their choice of abilities, but at least one of the abilities tested must be Luck.

I've been thinking recently about what might be called Social Combat and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to implement it elegantly in FotF or DW or how the current moves might be used to create a more structured social confrontation

Currently, as I understand it, a physical combat has HP which is attacked with Damage dealt by successful Fight/Hack n Slash/Volley/etc rolls

a social combat might come down to a Negotiate roll or a Charisma-based Defy Danger/Saving Throw

The difference between the two is the 10+ outcome of a Fight roll is not "the monster dies" since it's understood there is an HP stat which must be exhausted. On the other hand the Negotiate roll is rather all-or-nothing - if the player's intent is to convince the king the evil baron is not to be trusted, a 10+ roll will thus convince the king. Perhaps you could make them roll more than once on the same stat to represent various stages of convincing, but that's quite boring and unfair as you're basically just asking them to try over and over until they fail.

There is a system called Honor & Intrigue in which social combat is represented with a social HP called Composure and there are various 'rounds' of repartee where players and NPCs roll + relevant modifiers and a successful roll lowers the other's Composure. Reaching 0 Composure means that person is defeated, and might storm off in a humiliated huff or spill the beans or confess to the murder etc.

I think there are situations which might call for a similarly-structured social combat where there is a Social HP to exhaust before victory. Perhaps I'm overcomplicating things, but here's an early, very rough rule. It's basically Fight/Hack n Slash but with an attempt to include HP into a Charisma roll.

When you engage with an intractable or uncooperative group or figure in verbal repartee, say what you want from your opponent or what you want them to do. Then describe how you want to approach your opponent (schmooze, mock, intimidate, plea, etc.). Then both sides hold 3 Composure.

When you make a verbal attack, describe what you say and how. The GM may award a +1 for engaging roleplay. Then roll + CHA

10+ your wordplay overcomes their defenses. They lose 1 Composure

7-9 you make some headway but they retort with a smart comeback. They lose 1 Composure, but retaliate

6- mark XP, you are tongue-tied or your delivery falls flat. GM makes a move

When Composure reaches 0, that character is defeated. They will storm off, burst into tears, reveal hidden information, etc. If the player is defeated, describe how your character deals with the humiliation or intimidation of their loss and mark XP.

Inspired by a B/X house rule here

Pay Respects
When you lay to rest a heroic companion, after spending a day to prepare a burial mound or monument, or a funeral pyre or ship, each surviving character says how they honor the dead and may offer up to 1000sp times the level of the deceased in coin or valuables as grave goods to be interred or burned with the body, granting them 1 XP per 100sp.

Whether or not this counts toward the player's Stash is up to the GM.

Three exciting developments from my home-brew FotF games.

1. Class Points (Mettle, Cunning, Favor, Power) can now be burned.

2. Debilities exist on top of burnage, and they require rest in a settlement to get rid of (or special potions or magic items)

3. The following d12 table of "Worse Outcomes, Hard Choices"

1. The impossible happens...
2. Out of the frying pan, into the fire…
3. A new hazard is added to the environment.
4. An ally is now threatened/at a disadvantage
5. Success will require self-sacrifice...
6. Success will cost resources or gear
7. You are disadvantaged. Take -1 forward.
8. Change of location/positioning, for the worse.
9. You missed an important detail.
10. Treasure is sacrificed (new or existing).
11. A new danger replaces the old.
12. You burn or exhaust...

1) Strength
2) Intelligence
3) Wisdom
4) Dexterity
5) Constitution
6) Charisma
7) Luck
8) Lose 1d4 HP instead.
9) Class Points (Favor, Mettle, Power, Cunning)
10) Duration or re-roll
11) Carrying Capacity
12) Roll twice and SUFFER.

In other news, I've got one group (Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric, Thief) who are committed to exploring what happens when we push beyond 10th level!

+Jason Lutes 2e being standalone, I'm wondering what tack you'll be taking with GM Advice. Will you mostly be replicating DW's? Will there be unique agendas and principles with a more old-school bent? 

The Perilous Wilds is now available as a print-on-demand book via DriveThruRPG.

For some reason the link is not loading via the G+ link option, but this should work:

I had hoped to coordinate this with the launch of the L&B storefront, but that's been delayed due to technical difficulties on the hosting end. 

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I rushed over and placed an order with Lamplack & Brimstone's new online storefront this morning and, as you may have heard, ran into a couple small hiccups. I quickly found the "contact me" link and shot off an email to ask for some assistance.

Color me gratefully surprised at the timely and responsive support I received from Jason himself! Within about an hour of the initial order attempt, we had worked together to troubleshoot the issue and got it all resolved.

Love that guy, love his work, and I wanted to share the experience in an attempt to pay it forward. Thanks, Jason, for all of it!
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