Is anyone actually ever on any more? I honestly starting to think "no, not at all,' is the answer to that....

Question. Could we get an "Analyze" skill? Analyze would reveal weakness and resistances (i.e. Weak to fire element, but strong against ice). If so, what would be the best class to specialize in it? Or would it be obtainable for all classes at maybe level 5 or 10?

Red mage lvl 2 skills
Spiritual plane: Magic is boosted twicefold but you can no longer hit with physical attacks (lasts 3 turns)
Enchant: Uses a spell to give a weapon elemental properties (Fire makes the weapon deal fire damage etc. Last 3 turns)
Persevere without fear: Cures an ally of any debuff
Diseased Remedy: Cures an enemy of debuffs or statuses but does more damage with each debuff or status healed
Aquarius: Summons an orb of water that anyone can attack. Who ever causes it to explode does water damage to the other side.
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a man came out of a psychedelic colorful portal while cursing two names over and over _"R........Ar.......o.......wi..." he passed out in the middle of the road before you approached him
((Min level 1 max 5))

Oh my goodness...... Thank you so much Setser for promoting me!!!! I'm gonna cry.... ;-;

Red mage level 1 skills
Revenge - Power up skills if hit by a critical ((1.5 increase))
Wriggling worm - Always attacks first if health is 20% or lower
Nothing Ventured - if the red mage is hit while under 25% health a random spell counters
Black magic greenhorn - access to all level 1 black magic
White magic greenhorn - access to all level 1 white magic
Capricorn - a water based physical attack
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You've been living in a remote village long enough to know that two, obviously not local, girls passing through at least twice a day is not normal. They seem to be looking for someone or something. They were asking the merchants everyday about something, clearly trying to get some information.

((Minimum of 2 people Maximum of 5. Level 2-4 welcome. Please ask to join.))

Anyone for a crawl? I am willing to be DM.

Warrior and Thief level 2 skills

[[Brave Stance]] allows two attacks in one turn. Has to recharge later
[[Default Pose]] Removes the recharge time from Brave Stance
[[War cry]] Can strike fear in enemies causing the battle to end immediately. Exp will not be gained if this is used successfully.
[[Sonic strikes]] Physical attack but uses wisdom instead of defense.
[[Delayed crushing]] 1.5x damage attack that damages two turns after it initially is used
[[?]] ?
[[Detection]] Can detect Secrets such as hidden chests and traps
[[Scan]] Can tell the level, name, and type of enemy
[[Assassination prep]] Raises AC and Luck
[[Mug]] Attacks with a chance to steal an item.
[[Pickpocket]] attacks and steals gold at the same time
[[Life steal]] attacks and restores minor HP

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This is just a backup/secondary character. Plus, once you get to know her (if you can), you'll find that she has an interesting backstory.

Name: Rosa
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Personality: Can come off extremely mean without meaning to, antisocial, more of a leader than a follower, very dependable.
Race: Human
Appearance: See picture below. Only difference is that Rosa doesn't normally wear skirts or dresses.
Siblings: Jesamay (twin)

Level: 2
Primary Class Level: 2
Primary Class: Red Mage

Attributes (Stats of you're not familiar with the other term...)
Health: 24
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 17
Charisma: 15
AC: 18

Skills/Spells: Cure, fire, revive and blizzard.

Hobbies: Alchemy, reading, writing.

Motherly Protection= +5 defense, +15 wisdom, Negative status resist, dual cast ((Earned from Demyx dungeon))

Venestaus' Bow= + attack boost x2 lvl (ie: lvl 2 = +4 strength lvl 5 = +10 attack, Intelligence boost x3 lvl (same formula as before) ((Earned from Demyx dungeon))
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