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We are adding in new content as we go including free mini adventures, blue map Thursdays, "Not Just D&D" Friday adventures (other games), and GM tools for Fantasy Grounds tabletop.

hay I am working on making my own table top I am looking for people with expenses in table top and new table top players my community name is mithril runes that is work in progress name of the game

hay so how does this work

Hey. I'm new to actually playing D&D, but not to making games. I was wondering if I could join a session?

Hello where do I go to make a character sheet to post here

Hey. Name is Jonathan. I'm a newb and while I've been a fan of dnd in all its other forms besides the pen and paper I'm ready. I got the resources and the half elf Fey patron warlock.

I am thinking about running something tonight. Any interest?

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Hope to catch your interest. 

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Hey guys I'm new to the DND community and I was wondering if anyone could help me make a character I don't really know much about it but I am really interested in it. Please message me on hangouts if you can help me out . Also if you have a microphone it would be helpful thank you

Hey guys. I'm working on a short campaign right now. It should take about 13 sessions to complete (more or less). It will start with level 3 characters. I can only take a maximum of 6 people and I will not run a game with less than 4. Any that are interested please let me know. I'd rather not have pick up groups for this campaign and I'm looking for regular players so people follow the story.

I probably won't have it ready this week. I will likely start the following Friday. We will be using d20pro. You don't have to buy a players license, just download the program. Hopefully there won't be any issues with it. I'm more familiar with d20pro than I am with roll20 and can set up things much faster, even on the fly.

I will start an event this Friday with an opening scene for the campaign. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor :P
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