Around midday today I was visited by two health staff, one of whom I remembered fondly from years gone by...she is my joint first nurse over many difficult health years for me....thank, Sue! And Maggie!

I have complete capacity to make my own personal decisions from day to's just that I've been strangely, to me, 'treated' by the NHS since 5.00am Sunday February 15th, 2015.

However, if I'm being asked to do a job of work that may well help the NHS, then I'd only be too pleased to help, unless I'm to be forced, literally forced, into taking very harmful chemical drugs....yet everything we see, hear, touch, taste and eat, swallow, breathe, compute, human contacts, our belief systems, etc, are ALL medication in some way, shape or form. For example, I ate by mistake an absolutely vile, acidic banana bought yesterday that made my teeth feeling acidic....which I've yet still to completely eradicate. They were getting better until I listened a bit to a radio 4 program discussing costs and effectiveness of drugs bought by the NHS...which are becoming acidic yet again on typing these last twenty words, or so.

So there! I'm NOT going to any hospital for illness treatment.....and our Great British NHS is the best, most compassionate health system in the whole wide world! With a real HEART of PURE GOLD!


Yes, I let down the NHS in Tenerife and Chester, etc, but my eyes and ears have been truly opened wide to see what an absolutely impossible job our beloved NHS MEDICAL staff have!

Please sack all the NHS useless, highly paid managers, bring back the ward matrons, pay more wages to the NHS staff, encourage a REAL Neighbourhood watch scheme throughout the UK...looking out for seemingly vulnerable folk......just CARE, love and be kind to each other as much as we can...and that itself may help cut NHS costs by a huge amount of money.

Just a thought.

That's all!

It's Medication, medication, medication that should be taught in our land....and I DON'T mean the swallowed costly drugs kind at all.

And understanding, understanding, understanding.....taking time to try and lovingly know someone else's point of view, and try not to criticise.


Another Idea. I wonder if tv stations, instead of paying vast sums of money to same each episode programs, can instead screen programs to help our young folk in follows...

Obtain the services of trained, maybe poorly paid retired folk, so that they can be filmed pointing out all the ups and downs of their former jobs? Former railwaymen repairers, shopkeepers, dentists, IT professionals, pharmacists, medics of all kinds, social workers and managers, car driving instructors, taxi drivers and busmen, builders, teachers, policemen/women, cafe and chef businesses, baby sitters, gas, water and electrical workers, authors of both fact and fiction, AND small bookshop owners, bakeries, aeronautical workers, RNLI staff, car factory workers, journalists, estate agents, public house owners, franchisers of stores, habidasherers, sweet shop staff, marketeers, stock brokers and bankers, accountants and butchers, town and city planners, musiv presenters on radio, pop groups, audio drama...whether on radio or cd, chimney sweeps, roof men, odd job men and women, all the various faith workers and what they believe....enabling folk of any faith and none to understand each other better in our multicultural land, electrical tv's, radios, cookers, toasters, etc, window cleaners, research scientists, lawyers, various forms of loving partnerships, in short just about every trade and lifestyle we know in our land?

By showing REAL reality programs on early evening tv, our young folk may gain insights into what they feel most suited for, and maybe prevent them from incurring vast student debts by unsuitable further education , and hopefully the old apprenticeships system of employment will be reborn?

If there are less students in 'universities' that issue degrees not really worth the paper they appear on, maybe more of the best universities will take on more students, thus increasing their wealth, which hooefully will cut the costs of students tuition....and best of all, the students will get a better education and degrees that ARE more than worth the paper they are written on....they will be worth the futures of our young folk.

A related thought, why not do something similar for folk who enjoy their various pastimes, such as Astronomical Societies, Operatic and Theatre Societies, writers for local newspapers, local History groups, Chess clubs, country rambling clubs, diet and healthy eating groups, walking as exercise groups...a lot cheaper than spending a fortune on keep fit clubs...supermarket staff, food producer staff, identify healthy and unhealthy foods and drinks, how to challenge drug medications that may harm you more than heal, domestics, how to look after your daily financies and spending, spiritual writers across all faiths and none, how to challenge mental health diagnoses of yourself, self health care, neighbourhood watch groups,.....extending it to better and include looking out for neighbours that hav'nt been seen for a while, lollipop ladies and gents, crown green bowling, blue badge guides, faith bodies, debating societies, local politicians, charity shop volunteers, disabled societies of all kinds, old folks meal clubs, scrabble and reading groups....and on paper, not unreliable kindles......poetry clubs, folk clubs, amateur orchestras, musicians and how they learnt to play their specialised instruments,.......and I'm sure there are loads of other interest groups that do not readily come to mind. Especially folk keeping a detailed daily diary of what they did each day....which may not only help them account for missing money, problems at work or with friends...but also help their memories by reiterating on paper each night what they did that day, and thus maybe stave off dementia in later life....with its huge benefit both to themselves, and also on the NHS and care charities, like MIND?

Film each group as they actually do their hobbies, and list the names and venues of local such interest groups. By so doing, many lone folk may be encouraged to join an interest group, make new friends....who maybe be able to, in time, be able to help them in their points of need.

I wonder if by doing the above two ideas, we may all help ourselves to be a closer knit nation, befriending more and more folk...and not necessarily of our own faith or sexual stance...and become a more occupied, equipped, understanding and loving our neighbour land?

Just a thought....and the tv stations can become more of an 'Open University' to ALL, helping our people more, lowering the tv stations costs, and maybe the licence fee may drop further? And maybe post freely on demand dvd's of the series, interest groups, to all who ask?

Just a thought, as I wrote earlier. ❤️

Just a brief thought....I went on a long walk this afternoon, and slipped up three times on the pavement. Now the roads are all tarmaced. I wonder why town planners throughout the modern era, did not do something similar to the pavements we walk on? Doubtless hundreds of thousands of folk have incurred life hurting falls on uneven pavement slabs, costing them their jobs, health, happiness, as well as vast sums on our NHS....all because of 'crazy' paving in every street of our nation, the U.K.? Why not just be consistent?

How strange some town planners and builders must be! Can we not, over the years, dig up these pavements and just tar, cement, them over, leaving plain, straight pathways for all our nation?

I've just read my diary summary of the year 1985. I read with at first concern that I reduced my mum's medication doseage that year, and that she picked up in health. I also wrote.....quite rightly at the time, that my mums health was the key to my future, which can of course be read two ways, it's very true I did not mainly verbally treat my mum at all well in her final few years on earth...she went to Heaven in January 1990.... but what I long recall was that in her later years she managed to walk many mornings to the local newsagents just down the road, on her own whilst I was at work. I really now do feel I inadvertently got her a bit better as a result of me lowering her drug doseage....I really don't know who's idea it was to reduce her drug medication....either hers, or mine. I really don't know. Now I know how it was she got somewhat better in her last year's, even one summer's night walking with her to the local park and visiting an old friend.....or waking with me to sit down facing the river on a summers night. And a few other times.
Looking back it seems, just seems, that it was the drugs themselves that we're keeping her ill all those years and prior....advice given in a letter from her cousin John in New Zealand.....he wrote her not to get on those drugs. My mum ALWAYS called medication 'drugs.
It seems that unwittimgly I was,with mum, her somewhat healer, under God, and not the professionals.
Now I think the reason while I'm on a new medication, just a theory, is to ward off any or all of the almost lifelong damage done to me by maybe wrongly being diagnosed, but no individual is to blame, with epilepsy, and taking lifelong medication .....but in truth what I have is some other neurological ailment.

If many folk have been wrongly diagnosed with epilipsy, then many life's have been drugged wrongly.....and vice versa.....if some epileptic folk have been diagnosed as having another disease, then they may well be not only given wrong drugs, but are also car driver, possibly injuring other folk....if not killing themselves and/or other they have had an epileptic seizure whilst driving.

Why on earth is there so much verbosity and word wrangling amongst the churches? Surely, the gospel is Paul said to the Philippian jailor...'believe on tne Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved...and thy house (family)'. This just repeats John 3 vs 16. As John (I think) wrote...'speaking the truth IN LOVE'

O why cannot the churches just learn to love and peace with all men, and forgetting what is behind, press forward to the Hign Call in Christ Jesus'?
Yes, I know some churches do not believe in the deity of Christ, for instance.

But surely we should pray both for ourselves as individuals, AND for the love of God to shine forth His Love and Light into people's hearts.

As poor Nietzche wrote (the God is dead philosopher) 'unless I see that you are redeemed, I will not believe in your Redeemer'. The poor man went insane as He ruled out God, and therefore all hope....and all because the Chrustians he witnessed to him also believed God was dead, by their behaviour.

The gospel is free, and so should our love and care for all people be.....and love just as Jesus loved His people....without reservation.

It was the English dictionarist Dr Samual Johnson who said 'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.

London, with its vast canonplay of attractions, Royalty, Power, the meandering Thames, the centuries long buildings of a huge array of architectural styles, pinnacled by St Paul's Cathedral, art galleries and museums, the great hosts of theatres and entertainment venues, the almost world populated famous people of our proud....and rightly proud....people, in the top league of our own of the league of one, the lovely greenery of the good number of parks.....relaxing open spaces where from a bridge at St James Park one can view a picture of buildings which seem to be in Moscow....sauntering through the busy and quiet streets of London with Ralph McTell's gently melancholic song of the same title (The streets of London) soothing your footprints and informing your evermore dancing and dreaming mind with echoes of times gone by....the many and various markets where you can hear the joyful sounds of the delightful Cockney accent, the World's number one British Library...where Karl Marx did some research in order to write 'Das Kapital' which in turn was used to revolutionise and divide much of the World in the 20th century........the World's number one Museum, when in 1972, I may have been 1971....the mummy of Tutenkhamun was on display for months with many of the associated the way, there is a legend, known as The Curse of Tutenkamun, for a number of its British archaeologists, including Howard Carter, mysteriously died or became very ill......yes, we Britsh gave Pharoah the only foreign holiday he ever had...he died young, poor bloke.

O yes, did you know an Ancient Greek mathematician nearly correctly measured the circumference of the Earth by measuring the position of the Sun in the sky in Athens, and at the exact.....almost....same time got a fellow researcher to measure the position of the Sun in Alexandria, Egypt. It was simple maths after the two measurements, yet they were not believed for centuries later.....back to Glorious London....the vibrantly coloured Red buses - routemasters - with our eccentricities on public display for the whole world who not flock, but FLOOD to our great and enlightening capital.....the bright lights of the evening soirees, whether by twilight or dawning daytime....the free speech centre of the World, as so clearly seen and heard at Hyde Park Corner, with rich Park Lane taking it all in with its magnolific smiles of 50 shades of opinion on Politics and wonder Park Lane is neutral in these matters....the busy shops of Oxford rightly named as only the best informed folk of the World would know where to shop for the brightest and best....curving Regent St, just along Oxford St, with its marvels of golden sumptuous wares for the bank loaded folk......I even saw a famous politician cycle past me once in Regent St....the wide open spaces where one can 'switch off' and survey in glorious wonderment and revived hope the peaceful sailing by of the whispering clouds in the blue heaven above, without a care in the world, whilst in London, millions....yes....millions of folk go about their daily routines....the vast underground tube rail stations with all it's flowing interconnections from station to station, so clearly mapped out on the walls, of where you can get to....I once had a book telling the story of how the Tube map was devised.....the most intelligent and polite by far in the world black cab taxi drivers, all of whom have to pass an unbelievably complex exam known as 'The Knowledge'...did you know one taxi driver beat the best of British minds by winning a tough to win quiz, Mastermind...and went on to be a celebrity?

Who needs all these great and renowned foreign universities when the London cab drivers can give you a free education for just the pleasure of chatting to you?.....the many and various newspapers, each with differing societal stances, and none of them claiming grandiose titles such as Le Monde, etc.....with one of our newspapers I think we have the best foreign news in the world....London, with its pageantry of Chinatown, it's interracially potentials to be so understanding and caring for each branch of our human experience.....the cyclists who pass you by, peddling carefully amidst the dense traffick on the streets....the Madame Tousaude's world famed wax museum, where the great, good, and somewhat not well looked upon folk are on display for us to see what they looked like...a sort of mixture between Pictures at an Exhibtion, and the Carnival of the Animals, with the music simply being our minds as dress, attire, and education of how more than the other half lived.....Baker st where the world's greatest and number one fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, is said to have resided...I think at number 221b Baker st, though I may be wrong on at its best at Wimbledon where a world class and popular singer encouraged the audience by giving a free concert whilst it was raining and play had to stop....Lords, and what a cricket ground that must be where folk can sit at leisure, rightfully, after years of job turmoil....the fashion capital of the world, Carnaby St, just off Oxford st.....the vast and hugely educating great University colleges....the many and various huge art galleries, with their faded gloried paintings of past great masters of art....the many and gently sailing pleasure boats, the encircling London Eye, where one can look from heaven's view the sights of London at a whole....the rivalling yet friendly football teams that all have their differing offerings of 90 minutes of passing the ball pleasurely....who still remembers Bertie Mee, Arsenal manager, who won the double for Arsenal in 1971? Ten years earlier Mr Nicholson did the same for their north London rivals, Tottenham Hotspurs.....did you know the Tottenham won the FA Cup every twenty years in the 20th century that ended in a 1....1901, 1921, 1941, 1961...and 1962 as well, and 1981....I have a good friend who once said he's not a determinist...well, I'm not so sure....maybe the Ghost of Christmas Past is Tottenham's guiding spirit, and he scared Spurs opposition in all those years! Lol!....the wondrously wealthy hotels with their secret meetings of world leaders just wanting a break in our great and noble city....did you know that at one hotel, in certain circumstances, guests have a meal chaired by some cat, who's supposed, I think, to represent a ghost of someone.....London, with its multifarious streams of public pebbles from across the world to shop, dine, just simply visit, all knowing the not only knowing that London is where our great and glorious Queen Elizabeth's Crown Jewels are held...but also the tourists really knowing that London, yes, Samuel Johnson's London, is by streets ahead the Jewel in the Crown of ALL the capital cities of not only the world, but the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, both known and unknown. Only God's Heaven is any better....but Heaven is in a league of its own.....just like London is on the earth.

And what can I say about the world's greatest poet and dramatist, William Shakespeare? Yes, he was born further north in Stratford upon Avon....yet another reason to spend a year's sabbatical exploring every nook and cranny of our great country....yes, Shakespeare who really was the man who created modern drama and theatre. All followimg playwriters may be said to be pale successors of him, with his vast, huge and so creatively insightful stories about the human nature.....maybe if you read this from another country, just buy a DVD of a Shakespeare play, maybe filmed.....I have ones of Richard the Third, Hamlet and Henry the Fifth, all 1940's versions by Lord Laurence Olivier....spectacles of theatre. And yes, we have the most beloved poets, in John Donne, Dylan Thomas, Edward Lear with his famed limericks, Scotland's Robbie Burns....maybe buy a cd of Kenneth McKellor singing amongst other songs 'My love's like a red, red, rose'...a song version of a Robbie Burns poem....Ireland's Seamus Heaney, a Nobel prize winner of recent years with his poems describing the difficult years in Northern Ireland of recent decades....the singing songsters of the U.K. such as Frank Ifield, who was born in Coventry, the world famed Beatles, Cliff Richards, the Rolling they keep performing after all these decades I havn't a clue......and how about visiting performances of Gilbert and Sullivan....maybe better at an amateur productions....G&S with their often ludicrous yet delightful melodies all playing a laugh on 19th century British society.....not only would you be heartily entertained, but you'll also learn a bit of past British History....for just a few pounds.....and all our Brits many and various amatuer Dramatic societies, with plays galore....but please don't miss out London's West End with the best serenaded array of theatre on Earth!

And of course London is the de facto capital of our peaceful British Commonwealth....a sort of reserve United Nations.....only we Commonwealth nations do not bicker with each other.....and yes, Aussies, please STAY in the British Commonwealth.....else you may inadvertently find yourselves in a kind of island continent estranged from the rest of the world. Pleae consider this factor.....we LOVE playing cricket with you, and trying to win the Ashes....and yes, you generally WIN the Ashes! Please don't cremate the Ashes, as it where, by leaving the Commonwealth.....we have such a rich and shared cultural heritage. ❤️🙏🏃

And I could mention authors such as Dickens....who in parts have bern said to resemble Dostoyevsky of Russia....yes, keep on touring us, my Russian fellow men and women......I tried to chat to a St Petersburg football fan of Leven....? who was touring my city of Chester, over here to watch their Europa Cup final in Manchester against Glasgow Rangers.....his team won....of course, on penalties, no doubt! Lol!

And maybe visit Bath, architectured by father and son John Smith, York, Norwich, Stratford upon Avon, Bristol with its wonderful Severn river, Oxford and Cambridge, Portsmouth with its wealth of naval history, Plymouth, where Sir Francis Drake played bowls whilst the Spanish Armada approached...he demonstrating the British stiff upper lip, so obvious in later times in the great wars of the 20 the century....Blenheim Palace , and Bladon nearby where Sir Winston Churchill is buried in a simple grave......Edinburgh with its mounted almost impregnable Castle aloft and overlooking the pleasures and shopping renown of Princess St....and yes, buy some Scottish Tartan....explore the gloriously white sanded Hebridean islands to the west...and maybe sample a Haggis.....and maybe also visit the Scottish Highlands to also watch not only the Highland games, but also the kilt clad sportsmen who participate. It's best to visit Scotland between May and September.

And Northern Island with its unbelievably natural features of the Giants Causeway, and the majestic terrors of the splashing waves upon the rocks....maybe sample Belfast, quickly sailing into the city with a delightful view on the boat taken from Scotland's Stranraer. And over east across the Irish Sea we have the Land of Song and choirs supreme....Wales, with its tales of mystic Bards, the international Eistedfoord at Llangollen in July each year, Cardiff with its unforgettable Cardiff Bay with its entertainment centre overlooking the Bay...with cafes so rare and generous.....and again, Swansea, the birthplace of one of the World's greatest and beloved poets, Dylan Thomas, who did his lot in WW2, but died aged 39...just 39... in New York....ladies just LOVE his poems, and so do I.

Then again explore the quietude of mid Wales, where Newtown is such a quiet respite from your travels, then maybe head north to Llandudno, with its feast of golden beach and choirs galore in a number of buildings.....PLUS open air concerts each Sunday afternoon on the beach.

And who can miss out England's the 1960's the cultural capital of the world! Do try to visit one of its theatres, and visit the place where the Beatles first performed...the Cavern.....and step not only inside, love, but step into cultural history that changed the style of popular music, maybe forever! And when you have a week to spare, head north to Hadrians Wall....the furthest extent of the Roman Empire, northwards....except for their Antonine Wall in Scotland, which is barely visible.

Did you know that Britain was not only several small kingdoms in the Early Middle Ages, but we also ruled nearly half of France? Yes, visit our rare and wondrous nation. The borders between England and Scitland kept changing for centuries. And in my city of Chester the first King of all England, Edgar, was duly homoured by all the lesser fiefdoms at Edgar's field, not far from my home. Chester, not only with its the world renowned Roman and Saxon Walls, plus the Rows of second story shops, but also one of the largest Roman Amphitheatres still intact? And we have a great hot dog vendor in Chester's Town hall area, some 40 yards in front of a great Chester Cathedral. The hot dog vendor has been there for decades, and I'm sure he would pleasantly give you a friendly welcome and sell you a good, enjoyable fast food item, for at a far good decent price.
And then there's Chester's Blue badge guides, with multitudinous tours of my fair city of 2000 years of history. Did you know there's supposed to be a secret tunnel from under Chester Cathdral to a field some three miles out, for thev17th Civil War Royalists to escape to?

And how about feasting your eyes upon the Angel of the North, in Gateshead, just south of Newcastle in north east England....and also in Gateshead there's a modern high cultural place of soaring pleasure, known as the Baltic Centre...and Gateshead is far from the Baltic Sea!
And who can miss Britain's answer to Paris's Eiffel Tower, ours found at Blackpool in Lancashire...and much more used with its shows galore!

Just come, tourists of the world, enjoy the pleasures and delights of our friendly and warm nation....including all the folk who live here, with all our quaint accents...and find that we may not be the richest nation on Earth....but we are THE BEST!


So, tourists of the world, come and delight yourself in London, and then maybe branch out, at your leisure, all the other towns, villages, and cities of our great and glorious country, the UNITED KINGDOM. We may be an offshore island, but like tax havens, we are also the culture and beauteous haven of Earth.

Tourists of the world, UNITE....and visit the have nothing to lose but unknown joys and delights in your hearts!

And o yes, we make the best fish and chips, haggis, Welsh cakes and good old Irish whiskey.....we have the whole world's culinary and cultural lively delights surrounded by our enrapturously crowned silvery sceptred sea. ❤️❤️🏃🏃😀😀💞💞

I can now see what Dr Johnson meant about being tired of life....only may I now suggest a paraphrase....when a man is tired of touring the UK, he is tired of life. And you'll never tire of our green and pleasant lands!

Come to the UK, and renew your delight in life! 😀

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I've never agreed with the so-called prosperity gospel. The whole context of scripture is not for folk to improve their finances and possessions, but rather for them to improve their SPIRITUAL life by being born again of God's a spirit.

If God wanted His people to just get richer, then why on earth are most of His people in dire poverty, as in Africa, Asia, and South America?

Did Jesus come in that in following Him His people become richer? Why then was He buried in a borrowed tomb? Lots of times I've seen these so called prosperity evangelists seem to be swankily dressed, asking for yet more money, and go right against Jesus's command to His people to 'freely you have received, FREELY GIVE! Why don't all these prosperity gospelellers just obey Jesus and give away all their possessions, as He sees the poor and needy. I well know in my life I've been greedy, but there was the drug issue to mitigate my greed. But to take, take and take is far removed from any clear evidence, to me.....and I may be wrong....of any saving faith in such folk...though I wish them well.

I've just noticed that the pharmacist's medication given to me yesteday is not complete. One set of medication is missing completely, and another set is only half supplied.

The pharmacist yesterday who gave me my packet was a member of staff I've not seen before, and neither she has seen me before, and therefore would not have been used to what medications I had normally obtained from that pharmacy.....maybe all the missing medication is in a second packet....which she may later have given by mistake to another client with the same surname as me, but whom did not give the pharmacist his/her address.

Or maybe the GP who gave me the prescription yesterday.......and I saw on that prescription the missing medication.....may not have printed the right number of the incomplete medication, for whatever reason....he is playing an ordered game, I'm sure....but it just goes to show that in reality, some GP's may simply be too tired to notice their errors on any or a lot of prescriptions.....too tired because of overwork, home circumstances, etc, etc....after all they are only human after all....and I made mistakes both at work and in preaching.

And then a third medication had a vaguely recognised name by me...maybe it is the same as I'm used to, but it may just be a similar sounding medication, for a completley different condition.

And then at this point, the medications outlast each other by three consecutive days, one day at a time....meaning I would run out of one tablet a day before the second, and then the second tablet one day before the third....and this may not include the completly incomplete medication.

Finally I did not check the contents of the paper wrapping around the four medications before I left the pharmacists yesterday. I did tonight, and I for once in ages checked the foiled medications inside each box to see if the number of tablets in the foils were the same as the number listed on the box.

So, lesson number one.......always check, before leaving your pharmacist, that you have the medication prescribed for you.....if it's a new medication, always write down on a sheet of paper the name, doseage and number of tablets prescribed..

Lesson number two....a detailed lesson of lesson number one....check the name of the medication, plus the stated foiled that on the prescription.

Lesson number three.....if any medication is missing AT ALL....tell the pharmacist STRAIGHT may simply be the pharmacist assistant has not picked up ALL the packages set aside for you....or it may be that the pharmacist simply has not yet been able to obtain all your medications at the same time.

Lesson numbe four, if you forget to check your medications at the pharmacist, due to maybe your busy schedule....then CHECK THEM AT ONCE WHEN YOU GET HOME.....and return to the pharmacists ASAP to tell them all the problems you have found....writing down the list of problems before you leave home and return to the pharmacists.

Even the pharmacists, the GP's do not really know what medications the pharmaceutical industries are passing onto them....maybe very old, well passed used dates versions of the medications.

These lessons...and probably more....must especially be made by support workers of aged or infirm clients who cannot obtain the medications for themselves.

How many folk on medications are taking regularly the correct medications, and how many such folk suffer ill health....or a result?

Finally, for all folk on repeat prescriptions....I would recommend ordering them at least 10 working days BEFORE you are due to run out of them. For example, if your medications are in 28 day cycles, then order a new batch 14 days after receiving your current batch. And ALWAYS check your medication given by your pharmscists BEFORE you leave the pharmacist, or ASAP after returning home.

And very finally, if you feel you do not have enough medication already on you to last you before you are going to get the medication, then ask the pharmscist if it is safe for you to cut back a little your existing medication, and in so doing have at least some supply of mission medication to last you until you are replenished by the next medication supply....for example, by splitting what left of your medication into two halves, and spread the extra forned halves to last you through until you get the new supply of medication.
Remember, although by doing this you may be taking less than your normal doseage....your body will still retain vestages of the medication for two to three days, I think....BUT THIS ONLY APPLIES TO LONGTERM TAKEN MEDICATIONS ALONE.

N B .


It's all too easy for me here to type of gentle music of years ago, when all around our restless, war zoned world their are kids who do not make it to year three.....and how callous I seem in just typing my ivory palace of CDs. These kids hav'nt had a chance of even knowing I'm so thankful to God that even my heart has been broken often, I yet am still in life, and I feel I have much to somehow give to these kids. And that's to say nothing of the homeless in our land. What a luxury I have.....and note that even the word 'luxury' sounds so clinical, heartless.....just try saying this word 'luxury' with its lifeless 'l', harsh 'x' and dry 'ry'. I wonder if there us scope for the English language to be so revised as to enable us to use as much as possible the gentler sounding words? How about replacing 'love' by 'Amour'....pronounced just as the French word? Just try and say both word....and hear which one warms your heart the more? ♥️❤️🏃🏃

I wonder how many folk have loved and loved again, but never receiving any true heartlove, THE LADY/GENT in their lives? I suppose there may be many folk who feel they are 'trapped' in a difficult relationship that started so promisingly golden and sunny? I wonder if one or both partners hark back to the 'missed' loved one of years ago? Well, I wonder if maybe, just maybe, a difficult relationship,can be healed by listening to gentler songs of years gone by, for one night with a box of chocs beneath subdued lighting, and maybe recapture that first heartbeat joy as when they first met, eye caught eye, mouths were stuck for words and very soon love was born? Yes, I'm sure it's really possible to rekindle the dying embers of the past into a blaze of bonfire beating love that THIS time will never die nor fade away??

Who knows what that one brief re-encounter with your real loved one, right now where you both are, despite the hardships of months, years gone by, and renew love vows by placing, gently, warmly, lip to lip, cheek to cheek, and dance in loving tandemly care the joy of your life refound in each other. The future need not be dark....but a glowing forever day of warmth, joy and the end of time on earth,.....and then....Heaven above where your together love will NEVER be separated, but be forever and ever and ever.....with NO amen to end it!

Hope, love, dance the night away, o couples in distress! The Shining Star of Gods love is coming to your rescue!
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