how do i stop it from playing back kodi links?

Somehow WVC doesn't find any subtitles anymore? Yes, i am logged in Opensubtitles. When i do a search (no matter what), it gives no results. This happens since a few days. Before it just worked great? For example, when using localcast there is no problem at all. (Also Opensubtitles)

Its always been the best caster point blank !! Long time satisfied user.But i got a new device and since then when i use it as external player for apps with no built in caster the video starts to play on the phone before it starts on my chromecast ?? Tried smart video detect tried manual tried just about anything !!its not a ig issue but i would like it clean and ergonomic like before ??any ideas

One issue I encountered, I found that only one random DLNA renderer showed on the list even there are many for one IP address. Say I have some apps for Android TV which can act as DLNA Renderers, every time I launch Web Video Caster, I can find only one random renderer. In order to connect the one I want, I need to restart Web Video Caster again and again. Can't we just list all the available renderers at once?
Thanks all the same for this app is very cool though

No puedo ver los iconos de las películas, aparecen solamente letras los nombres de las películas y así en toda la página y antes se veían los iconos

Hey when I try to sign into I get the banned notice again.

I just downloaded last night and I use 123Stream and my internet is weak. I am casting to my Roku TV and it works perfectl. This is incredible. Thank you !!!

I'm using this app with my Samsung TV on a Motorola phone and like many other people after a few minutes streaming a message pops up 'check network connection' and the stream is then disconnected. I've disabled battery optimization and route videos through phone but no difference. Any advise would be appreciated.

My Queue shows empty after playing one video. If i go back to Queue after adding few videos from my local storage,it always show empty. This needs to be fixed.

Need a confirmation dialogue before clearing the list from play queue...
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