Update! Raz Cafe is back again on the Mobius Grid :)


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Rock-House (Special)
Diesmal: 45 Jahre Woodstock
3 Days of Peace and Music

Wann: Freitag 15.8.2014 20:00 CET
Vorprogramm ab ca. 19:00 Uhr

Ort: Rock-House auf Nihilon
-> secondlife://dorenas-world.de:8002:Nihilon/205/166/22

I'm thinking of taking razcafe off hypergrid and just offering it as an oar. Any opinions?

I had found cheap hosting, but even then I get this itch to do more with the VPS than use it all for OS, and OS is memory hungry. Surprisingly, though, I can run my region on a 512mb vps instance.

Even so, there is still this desire to work with 3d, and I'm poking around with ThreeJS and Unity. I will certainly continue to run OS as a development environment for SL content.creation. For that it is bar none the best.

But.. It's getting lonely out in the hypergrid, and I'd like to work on something that would be more visible to passersby.

Hey! I need places to check out and travel to :) Post your regions in the comments here!

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Raz Cafe is finally back online!


I found some really affordable hosting for a vps, so I set up an http and opensim server on it. Raz Cafe doesn't take up all that much in terms of resources, so it should be stable for a little while again.

I have some things in mind to play with it, but something I need to figure out now is what would be a good social medium. Should I stick with google+, use tumblr, use blogspot, or..? Maybe I should embed the blog into the site or set it to a subdomain.

In any case, enjoy!

P.s. - Last time I remember I had to configure some settings so people's avatars, animations, textures, and shapes, could all come into the sim without an issue. It seems I was able to HG from Metropolis fine, but does anyone know if I still need to configure special permissions settings and whatnot? I'm using a recent compile.

Hi all! Sorry I've been MIA for the past few months. I wanted to update everyone, I did get an email from John Lester (thanks!) telling me that the cafe was down. At the moment I don't have a hosting option but I still would like to do something OS related. I may find a new host or leave this as a discussion group- ideas are welcome :)

Howdy folks.  Is this grid offline?  I haven't been able to get to it on the Hypergrid in about a month.

Is Raz Cafe down?  Oo  I just tried to HG over and.... "Teleport failed. The teleport destination could not be found." followed by "Teleport failed. Problems connecting to destination."

Hi! I run the Sanctuary grid (sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012), where I maintain Blamgates (based on Pathfinder Lester's original model) to many grids. I heard about your grid today and tried to visit it at razcafe.com:9000 but I'm unable to get there. I get a popup telling me "Teleport failed. Teleport refused: Unable to verify identity". My grid runs the latest development code, if that matters. Sure would love to make a gate to your grid, if we can just get teleporting from here to there working.
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