Dear class,

I have to officially count you as showing up for the final. I also need officially download your final (and make sure that it opens). Beginning at 7:30 I will go to the groups. If you are done with groupwork, I will collect it then. Afterwards I will downloads papers from those who are done. You do have until 10:00 p.m. to finish. Many of you have already emailed me your work. This does not mean it is in! I must verify with you that it is in during the chat.

Dear Class,

Today is our finals period. TTU has us down for 7:30-10 p.m. You wont do anything for the final besides turning in your work (paper, project, and script). However I will need to officially download it during the class. Emailing me is not enough! You need to show up to the final (via chat). I will download your work, verify that it opens, and then officially tell you that it is in.

I WILL give you until 10:00 p.m. to turn everything in.

At 7:30 I will go group by group asking how far you are. After that I will meet individually with those ready to turn everything in.

My thanks,

A reminder of the pieces you will need for groupwork:
Your group work will be a podcast presented by the group. You will take one of these themes:

1. Degrees of Difference
2. Social Achievement
3. Unheard Voices

And explore it by using books/stories that we have read (and one that we haven’t). You will take one of these themes (they are loose themes, so you can do as narrow as you please) and then discuss how you see the theme being rendered in THREE works. You must pick one novel that we have read, one story from your anthology, and one OUTSIDE source (this can be anything, novels, plays, tv shows, comics, etc). You will then WRITE OUT A SCRIPT for a podcast AND RECORD it. The podcast should provide SUMMARY for each work and then have a layer of analysis talking about HOW (literary techniques, etc) the work gets your group’s theme across. You will also have a CONCLUSION section that makes a value judgement, basically I want you to come to some sort of consensus about which work “best” shows the theme and why.

The Podcast will be AT LEAST 10 mins long. It can be (and probably will be) longer. You can read some directly from the work if you wish, but no more than 3 mins total.

Dear Group,

By the end of class today I would like to see your complete script (or as complete as you can make it). Remember that this will be the full transcript of what is to be read on the podcast. I will come and visit each group to answer questions, but be sure to WORK on completing your portion of the script if you haven't. Today is the day.

Remember too that these things need to be up on your community page:

1. First Paragraph Work (Station Eleven)
2. Midterm
3. Beloved Quotes
4. Theme Research Work (short stories from anthology)
5. Podcast Work
6. Stated theme/technique
7. Story of My Teeth Quotes.

I want to make sure that everyone understands the difference between secondary source quotes and direct quotes.

Secondary sources are from articles that are about your book, theme, or technique. These will probably come from the library or library website. You will need TWO quotes.

Direct quotes come from the books themselves. There is no minimum requirement for how many you need, but all good arguments employ direct quotes to support what is being said.

Dear all I will come by and check on your group work, as well as address your individual questions. This time is reserved for groupwork. I would get those body paragraphs done now in your script. 

I'll be by. 

Hello all. 

I've had a few cancelations for conferences. Want to work one in before class? Email me.

I believe that everyone who asked for a time has already gotten one. Email me if you believe this to be wrong. 

Today will be a check in day. I will leave you most of the time to work on your group project or papers. I will come and answer questions about both the paper and the final project. Now is the time to ask your questions!

Take a moment and make sure that you have these things on your community page: 

1. First Paragraph Work (Station Eleven) 
2. Midterm 
3. Beloved Quotes 
4. Theme Research Work (short stories from anthology) 
5. Podcast Work 
6. Stated theme  

I read over EVERYTHING before I grade to give me the best sense of where to center your work 

See you in class!

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Dear all. We will chat today. We will speak about the paper and go over your group work so far. I am in conferences now so I might be a few minutes late. I hope not. If you've not emailed me about a conference yet, then please do so. Try to give me several times next week (I'd like to do it earlier in the week if possible).  If you've sent a hangout, please resend as an Email. I am trying my very best to get everyone their first choice. Emails help me do this. 


Okay I finally figured it out!  I think I got all people who sent me info a time that they can do! It should be in your email already. Those of you who are still outstanding might need to be moved to next week. Email me when you can.  I think I  answered all the hangout requests for times too. If I missed you, tell me via email!

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