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you are hunting and it's almost dark, you've caught a lot of game, but you can get one more before you head home, you see a deer but it also sees you and it runs, to reveal a humanoid figure, your still aiming down the sight when your finger slips and shoots, the bullet hits the creature in the hind leg and you hear a blood curtailing scream, you cover your ears and the last thing you see is the creature running off, you black out and wake up and see the creatures blood trail, you look at it in shock, and you shake in fear, you don't know what that creature was, you think about it when you hear it's scream again

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when you were three you had a aunt that would come to visit you every week. When you turned four your aunt was paranoid about something but she gave you her present and quickly left. The next day she was reported missing, and that was the last time for saw her for 14 years. One day you were looking through your family photos when your mother comes into your room and tells you she was found dead. You begin to cry and a few days later you go to her funeral and you see her kids are crying but their dad are nowhere to be seen. After the funeral your parents had gone out to meet the rest of the family to discuss your aunts death, but as you were about to go to bed you hear a crash in the kitchen. You grab your dad's pistol and slowly walk downstairs, as you reach the last step you see a black figure looking around the house. You realize the intruder has a knife as it notices you, you drop the gun and runs upstairs and the figure follows. You get into your room and lock the door but you hear the intruder speak intruder: I wonder what your parents would think if they found you on the floor, just like a corpse
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you are a very young scientist working at a large facility filled with experiments and research, many of the experiments are harmful and if they escape they'll cause chaos to the world. One of these aren't like the others, this one is what is though to be a demon, and a killer. She goes by the name The Heartbreaker. She is the deadliest killer in the world so she is chained at all times, chains through her wings preventing her from using her strength. You were assigned to record what she does when test are being done on her. Your first job was to write down how she feeds, your assistants bring in a prisoner from death row and puts him in the cell with her, they quickly run out and lock the door, they release some chains to allow her to eat. The prisoner shivers in fear and she comes up to him and Blood splatters onto the glass, preventing you to see
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(( looking for a long term Role play friend. If interested please comment below ))

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Normal Name: "Luna Liu Munson."
Killer name: "Killer Candy."
Age: "18."
Gender: "Female."
Species: "Immortal Human?"
Weapons: "Candy gun, lollipop axe, and many other sharp things!"
Killing method: "I give my victim candy that shuts their mouth, then I chop them up! For fighters I just shoot them!"
Bio: "I was a happy girl before this happen. I was sacrificed to a demon with a sweet tooth! Now we share a body and happily kill anyone and anything!"
Saying: "Haven't you're parents told you not to take candy from strangers."

(Did I do good?)
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((open RP))
walks through the front door and shyly smiles hi... im new... nice to meet you..a...all

can somebody post a link or something so I can hhave the bio template by the waY you don't have a discussion catorgorey

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you are a 17 year old boy walking home late at night from a school camping trip, you are nearly home but you have to walk through a small forest to get home, you walk through the trees to find a clearing, your phone starts to act up, your music is replaced with demonic whispers, you look around scared to find nothing. You begin to run but you drop your wallet, you don't notice until you try to fix your phone, you look back to see a black creature looking at it, you think it's a animal and you try to scare it off but it won't move. You grab your heavy backpack and puts it on the ground and shakes it to distract the creature, but the creature rushes at you and lunges at your throat, you try to fight back but it's too powerful, your life flashes before your eyes and you become unconscious. You wake up in the hospital with bandages on your arm, neck, and eye. You see doctors trying to check you to see if you are alright, you nod at them and they lay a tray of food on the table and they leave. You are not hungry, but all you can think about is what was that creature
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You were fascinated with me. You hadn’t spoken a word to me outside of class, other then a smile and nod ‘Hello.’ You followed me when I went out for drinks with friends, sitting in a far corner where I couldn’t see you. Stalking. That what you did. You stalked me for the longest time, perhaps a year. It wasn’t hard when I was a social guy, at least social enough to have a small group of friends. Being a Professor wasn’t easy though and as you had concluded, me weekends were spent at home most times grading papers. Being one of my many hundreds of students I never paid attention to you, yet your eyes were always on me.

You knew where I lived, a bit surprised a well off Teacher at a collage lived in a rundown part of town, where small markets and mom and pop shops where. It was a quite area, the neighbors didn’t complain, and only ever the occasional theft. A quite place for quite, usually single, people

By no means had I come up a prude, bringing girls home on the occasion and most night you couldn’t stand to stay the whole night to hear sounds of pleasure. What you didn’t know, is on those night you didn’t stay, where that some girls never left.


You got brave today, mustering up what courage you could to finally talk to me outside of the classroom. You planned this out, at least to a point. It was a Friday night, meaning I was out with friends to drink. You planned to come up to me, acting like it was an accident that we came to the same bar after I was a few drinks in. Hoping I would invite you to sit with us and beguine the slow spiral into getting close to me personally and eventually into my home. Or, so you assumed it would be slow decent to euphoria.

Three beers in, cheers for more alcohol, and you stepped closer to the table of drinking men and women with a smile on your face.


Name: Maxx Orin
Age: 32
Profession: Collage Science of Anatomy Professor
Likes: Hanging out with friends, cold beer, pathetic puns, his work
Dislikes: Sweet coffee, being alone, questions of his past
Kinks (in secret not openly known): Knife play/Blood play, Sadistic tendencies of torture in pleasure and pain.

Open to both Male and Female characters. Please tag me in profiles, or first comment as OC profile. Post will be privet. Any limits, phobias, etc. will be discussed privet.

Pic#1 - Maxx
Pic#2 - Ally where his home is located
Pic#3 - His basment (contaning a secret door to torture/Pleasure chamber)
Pic#4 - How you will usually be hung by the wrists
Pic#5 - Collection of female over the week (all dead)
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