Hi community. Does anyone know if there is a way to have Hive lights turn on to a percentage, say 10%, rather than full on, please? I want to use my motion sensor to turn on the landing light if they get out of bed late at night, but only low so as not to wake them too much.


Hi hive, there was talk of a mains water pipe system that would connect the Hive system. I would be really interested in getting this installed.
Please could you let me know when and if this will every come market.

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Not sure if it is just me but got an Amazon Echo for Xmas which I have linked to my hive account. However almost had an argument with echo (how silly is that) about setting the house temperature. From testing it appears you cannot set the house temperature to half degree's. When i ask about setting to 17 or 18 degrees it works perfectly however 17.5 or 17 1/2 does not work and all I get is a message about "being a really popular question". It might just be my accent however thought I would ask?

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Just tried signing up to your "Heating Alert" trial. https://www.hivehome.com/in-app/heat-alert. I meet all the criteria yet when I sign up I get the attached error.

I have just noticed on the advert that have is now subscribed to at £4.50 a month what happens does that mean if we don't start paying we will not be able to use it. 

Just taken delivery of two hive lamps, but discovered there is no widget to help control these, and can only operate outside of timed operation by opening the app. Would probably have discovered this sooner if it had been pushed to the beta team...

I have just added a smart plug to my hive and wanted to know if there is any plans to add a boost like feature to the plugs. I am using the plug with a heater but I don't want the heater on a schedule, I would like it to be permanently off except when I need it and just switch it on for 8 hours and then go off again.


Is it just my PC as all my schedules are 1 hr behind now the clocks have gone back, means Ive had to adjust the schedule to compensate for the time difference

Although the main date time etc is shown as correct on the site

Can anyone from Hive please explain why the beta group is still needed as software is being released direct to app stores without us testing it - which was the whole idea of this group!!!!

A response/explanation would be useful.

Many thanks

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