Is everyone fine? 

Kill me

i always bring my razor to school with me but i forgot it today and im flipping out i dont have anything to cut with and i might explode if school doesnt end faster

I made a kik support group for anyone sexually abused and you need support. Search, #LostInnocence and join.
Males and females of all ages welcome.

Hi, I'm new to g+ and I'm a addict.
I was hoping to make some friends on this community.
I'm not a serious addict but i have a little over half a thousand scars. I lost count
I cut everyday in the morning and afternoon and I carry at least 3 razors in my pockets 24/7
I'm not saying my name because I don't want to. If you want you can just call me cat.
That's really all I wanted to say so uhh, yeah
Feel free to add me~

hi im abby i am an addict i carry my razor around with me especially to school and i sleep with it beside my bed i love cutting and i dont want help but everyone else thinks i do i just want to be able to do what i want with my body. my razor is my best friend its always there for me no matter what and i definetly cant judge and wont ever tell me too stop!!

Im called an Asshole by many so my answer will always be "We all have one" 

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Try this it works i did it and a few friends did too

If you see a successful relationship between the two,
Know that he is not a condition of their agreement on all matters, but make sure that each and every one of them
 Bears and respect the other.
Human relationships are going through three stages:
1. Courtesy
2. Discovery
3. real knowledge
Then the decision to continue or move away.
Not keen to discover other too much, better to simply promise that they show in your face always, and leave the subtleties Lord of people!

There are those who are not fluent describe feelings not because he does not feel anything, but believing what he feels do not have the letters translated what's inside ...!
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