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Duck canvas around the waistband 💞
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Waterproof Ventile material and rounded paracord laces, just two standout details on these Nigel Cabourn x Converse 70s Chucks.
Nigel Cabourn returns in step with Converse for another iteration of their Ventile Chucks that'll keep you dry in a surprise spring shower.
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I'm the guy with the helmet 
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But the price though...
Naked and Famous drops the MIJ3, the third iteration in their "Made in Japan" series.
These jeans may be more conservative for the Naked & Famous crew, but their latest made in Japan 16oz. neppy green cast denim will still turn heads.
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Wallet fades 
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Some of the most interesting and well-made leather coin cases around.
We round up five of the best leather coin cases on the market plus one more that's a little more outside the norm.
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I'm waaaayyyy past 10 days #water #environment #selvedge #rawdenim
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+Kien-Ping Chung Now that's dedication 
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Did a super quick stop at the Nudie flagship store in Gothenburg, picked up a pair of Lean Dean 13,5oz Japanese selvage jeans. Traded in a old pair and got 20% knocked of the price on the new pair!! Next stop the Airport to catch a flight to London. #göteborg #vallgatan #nudie
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Nice 😎😍👍🏿
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This is true. My 13oz Gustins are my favorite pair now with understated fadez #rawdenim
To some, a mid-weight denim with the perfect cut and understated fades is all that's needed. ‪#‎fadeoftheday‬
Sometimes you want a pair of jeans with all the bells and whistles, but sometimes you want a no-nonsense pair of...
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Kien-Ping Chung

Discussion  - 
This is very tempting
Handwoven, Selvedge, Premium, Customize, Fit To Your Body, Personalize, Batik, Free Shipping, Social Responsibility, Great Price!
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+Raiterio Patterson Yeah looks like Companion Jeans is awsome!
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On my wishlist
Red Wing Mock toe
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+Martin Lannerås but they go well with denim
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These are like the Destiny's Child of #rawdenim
What do you get when you cross Pure blue japan, The Strike Gold, Kawataco, Take5, and Daytona Bros.?
More than a mouthful, this mega-collab between five of Asia's most respected denim brands and retailers is one you won't want to miss.
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I would love to get a pair of this
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Gustin #255 Japan Classic 13 fadez
2 washes; 3 soaks my favorite pair of #rawdenim the 33" slim fit with 34" inseam is amazing. 5 months of on again off again wear
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These would make some great wallpapers 💪😎 
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Men’s raw selvedge heavyweight denim jeans crafted in Ukraine, first of it’s kind. Headges Lamont 2.0 VS Classic Indigo feature a new minimalistic design and reasonably free slim fit. These jeans work well with mid and high top shoes and sneakers, as well as boots.


• Slim fit (Original Headges Lamont 2.0 VS pattern);
• 15.20 oz selvedge denim by White Oak, Cone Mills, USA
Strong, stiff, above average thickness and heavy weight
100% cotton / RHT, unsanforized / “Classic Indigo” - steel toned dark blue color;
• Contemporary classic style
Five pocket construction. Light angled yoke, new back pockets design, dual tone contrast stitching and extended length belt loops;
• Japan made vintage series hardware by Kane-M
Double prong piano black colored laurel leaves buttons. Solid copper push through rivets on the front pockets. An open concealed type ones on the coin pocket;
• New Headges back pockets design
Inspired with the rounded shapes of jeans pockets from 1920-1930’s and 5-angled ones from 1960’s with slightly shifted geometry;
• Laser engraved Ultrasuede™ patch
The art on the patch features jeans basic information and one the most prominent Ukrainian capital symbols silhouette - Kyiv founders monument “Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv, and their sister Lybid”. Material - Ultrasuede™ by Toray, made in Japan;
• Dual color (yellow and blue) bar tack on the right back pocket;
• Strong Amann Saba C and Coats Dual Duty threads;
• Natural colored twill pockets lining, 100% cotton;
• Triple contrast chain stitching on the yoke;
• Chainstitched waistband;
• Sizes available: 30W32L, 32W32L;
• Crafted in Ukraine

Each order comes with:
1. Headges original gift packaging with a case-styled cardboard box.
2. Headges Premium Service: FREE try-it-on, shipping, one time length correction, payment and Limited Service Warranty.

Payment via Privat24, Nova Poshta, Skrill, VISA or PayPal*
Shipping via Courier, Nova Poshta, Priority or Express Mail
*VISA and PayPal possible upon request.

#‎kaboom‬ ‪#‎headges‬ ‪#‎madeinukraine‬ ‪#‎denim‬ ‪#‎rawdenim‬ ‪#‎selvedge‬ ‪#‎craftedinukraine‬ ‪#‎kyiv‬ ‪#‎mensrawdenim‬

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The Asian community makes Americans look bad
Yet another well-worn item from Thai fade master, "nong33".
Our Thai fade master has graced us with his presence once again, and he's brought a little gift in the form of some well-faded Crossover Denim jeans.
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You need dedications to wear in such a humid weather
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This is gonna be my next pair #rawdenim #selvedge 
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While in London i stopped by at Rivet & Hide fine gods store, a bit off but well worth the walk. I got a Iron Heart 12oz Japanese denim work shirt. I wanted a Indigofera Fargo shirt but it was insanely stiff and i didnt like the fit. We shopped som stuff at this huge Levis store for the boys. The were making jeans on the Lowe floor but i forgot to take a picture👎😱 we also checked out a small Levis Vintage store and Nudie's repair shop. All and all we had a great time! #nudie #ironheart #selvage #denim #japanesedenim #rawdenim #denim
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+Rick Maloch​ well yes, i want a selvage shirt and they all got the same price range. The Indigofera was more expensive than the Iron Heart.
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My Gustin #265 Japan 21oz size 34 Straight. The inseam is 36" which means I had to double cuff; I don't like to double cuff. Leave like they are or get them hemmed? What say you? #rawdenim #selvedge 
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