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This is our symbol of the army join today.

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Whenever I try to do Naruto hand seals.....
I get SpongeBob's result....* ==
-Which is just sad...
Who else has actually tried them in real life?
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Welcome to the SK community. Here you can talk about and make posts related to Senran Kagura. The biggest rule here is to be respectful to other members. There will be a three strike system where you need to have two weeks of good attitude to get one strike off. Now enjoy that plot with plot.

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[] Type of roleplay : Master/Misstress or Daddy/Mommy either way she's still a slave in the roleplay
[] Name : Alexandra, Grace, Sanders

[] Age : Currently Alexandra is 17

[] Height : At age seventeen she is a very a
short female. She stands at five foot, three inches

[] Eye color : She has beautiful dark emeril eyes
since her eyes are closed
Emeril is a fancy word for green

[] Species : A emo human

[] Sexuality : She is bisexual with a preference to females

[] Personality : Alexandra isn't much of a social butterfly, she is very timid and doesn't easily make friends. Tho she is a bit shy, she has somewhat of a wild side when she's around her small group of close friends. She doesn't have a out of control temper but can get a bit frustrated at times and raise her voice. She's very sensitive, usually yelling, fussing or showing anger towards her leads to tearing or crying. She is also very clingy and requires lots of attention, if not given that attention she will cry or throw a fit witch may lead to some unwanted discipline

[] Kinks : She likes pet play, the one with the cute cat ear head bands, eating out of a bowl, being petted/caressed ect. Spankings if it's not too rough. Deep throats, breast fucking ***putting the dick between the breast and fucking/huphing, being a little and doing litte things **Daddy/mommy kink light hair pulling, and light degrading

[] Likes : Since she is very clingy she of course loves attention such as cuddling,kissing, petting ect. She also really likes small animals like cats, puppies, hamsters Like anyone else, she likes getting her way She enjoys scremo music

[] Dislikes : Practically almost any negative energy towards her

[] History/Backstory : She was born into a rich family, with tons of money and many friends. Tho her mom and dad were rich, they still had several arguments and an unstable marriage. She was never snarky like them tho. She hated the life she was living, she had everything planned out for her, her act, her marriage, everything. She was different tho, she likee having her group of friends and able to act however she wanted

[] How she became a slave : One day she decided she had enough, enough of this planned life full of so many expectations and constant fights. She packed what she needed and a few of her wants as she took off just running, she ran and ran until she was panting in the woods. She fell down lighty, out of breath as an unidentified figure came out grabbing her as she was soon dragged into a car, barley being able to keep up a fight. Soon she passed out as she was tekn to the "Slave Market" and put into a cage to be sold
[] Tattoos : A star on the back of her neck in black ink

[] Piercings : A silver lip piercing

[] Outfit/Accessories : Three bracelets and A black collar with white roses

[] Bust size : C cup

[] Preferred nicknames : Emo kitty, Kitten, Lil Puppy

[] Birthday : September 19
Alexandra hadn't been at your house for long, about a day or tow. She didn't really talk to you much, as you knew she was quite shy. You sighed out of boredom as you didn't have much to do. You looked at her sitting on the couch as you smiled lighty at her

"Alexandra hungry?"

You said as she let out a squeak yanking her hand upwards, her cum covered had was now espoused to your eyes as you lighty grinned

"Darling, if you were horny then don't masturbate, ask your Master/Misstress to help you"

She blushed brighty and looked to the side "P-please help me Master/Misstress"

She said as you then..?

Alexandra was laying in your lap sighing lighty out of boredom as she sat up and looked around lighty as she huffed

"Baby girl, what's wrong?" you said raising an eyebrow

"J-just a bit bored Mommy/Daddy"
She said blushing lighty as hee hands started to lighty drift towards her panties

"No! No!" you let out before she could get her hands in her panties "No touching yourself with permission! Let Mommy/Daddy help"

She nodded spreading her legs lighty as you then..?
Please no vore,gore,scat,pregnancy or anything related to that in the roleplay

Pp's only

No one liners

Comment "May I" if you wanna roleplay, Comment "Emo Kitty" if you read it all

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Pinned post 31: Straight Outta Kinky World

Photo courtesy of +Blade Soldier27

Yet again, another pinned post. sounds like fun.
More reminders to FOLLOW THE FUCKING RULES Thank you.

That's all for now, behave. within reason.


Follow the rules, and if you see someone breaking the rules PLEASE tag a moderator. Don't moderate your self, people won't listen to you, and it is against the rules telling people not to mini mod.

Follow these rules.
The moderators and owner have the right to ban anyone, for any reason, and the right not to ban, so do try to behave. ;p within reason, also if you get angry with moderators you will not help your case, and you'd probably just make it worse.

(This is to say that how the rules are implemented and the punishment is really up to Mod discretion, some mods may give more chances than others.)

If you have complaints you may fill in the poll down below.

+Killer Dreamer15​​​​​​​​​​​​​
+The Mad Man With A Box (ME)
Head Moderator:

+Smokey Crystal​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​+Desdemoña Kendall​​​​​​​​​​​​
+Aelita Lestrange​​​​​​​​​​​
+Queen Ahegao​​​
+Ashwath A​
+Unłucky Raincłoud​

1: Do not post;
• Bait posts (Such as "reshare for this" "comment for....", ect)
• Posts/comments asking for nudes, AND posting uncensored nudity real life and artwork
• Pictures of Other people, and claim that they are you. This is called catfishing
~ People who post these shall be banned INSTANTLY, it is their responsibility to read the rules, although moderator who banned them should tell the violator to fill in a ban appeal as well.
• Nudes*, including Real life nudes or a piece of artwork. If you want to post a nude, you must Censor it yourself.
• posts with less than 10 words (without pictures) this is to combat people saying stuff like, "wanna fuck" or "rp, girls only" meaning, unless there's necessity, like a simple question with a point, the post will be removed
• Asking for role-playing on unrelated posts
• Low resolution pictures (Below 480p)
~ People who break this rule will get a warning, and banned if they continue.
• Posts with horrendously terrible grammar. (EG, "UR", "U" or "SEXME" these are examples, and one of them may be one I Just Made up because It made me giggle )

*Nudity: nipples, pussy, dicks and anuses.

2. Respect everyone, no matter their age, gender, kinks or fetishes. This includes treating everyone as a owner, or mod, even if they aren't. Also, if someone does not want to do something with you, then you accept they don't want to and ask someone else.
~ People who break this rule shall be given one single warning, and then a ban.

2.2: This is includes when a moderator tells you to do something, you are to listen immediately, if you believe a moderator is abusing their powers, you talk to me or killer and be ready to give screenshots and proof.

3. Do not post anything that could be perceived as offensive or derogatory, (eg posts with racial slurs, References to nazism, terrorism, Other genders ect) If you have your opinions, then they are your opinions. No one is asking you for them.
~Instant ban if this rule is broken

4. Keep your posts in the right sections, Roleplays go into roleplays, Ect. Ect.
~The post will be removed if this rule is broken

5. If you ask to be a mod, then you will not become a mod. The owner and the mods​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ will decide any candidates for moderator.

6. Share the community, tell your friends, invite people. But do not spam other communities. We want to be known, not hated, also, do not spam by sharing your communities, You MUST ask the moderators or owner first.

7. Certain Kinks, are not allowed in this community, we are sorry that this may cause some.... concern. These Kinks are;
Pedophilia (Daddy Dom and little girls and lolis are not part of this rule)
Beastiality (nekos and furrys are allowed)
If you don't know what these kinks are, then you are most likely not in danger of breaking this rule

8. If you need help, then ask the moderators. We shall be happy to help. If you tag one of us, then we can obviously see it faster. Do not make posts on the community to inform us about the rule breakers. That fills up the community with spam!

Discord server:

Private community:

If you have any complaints about the rules any or community, fill in this poll:


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Ramlethal Valentine, Guilty Gear.

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