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check out our free release text adventure game we made
using Unity 3d. This is our first attempt making a text and trivia based game. With a short story . Please let us know what you think


I'm very pleased to announce (just as a player and tester) that iFrotz, now out on the Apple store, plays TADS games!

The support is about on par with Gargoyle. No hyperlink support yet, nor any media support - images, sounds, etc. No autocomplete yet either, for those who got used to it (and isn't it a godsend in mobile devices?).

Playing both .gam and .t3 files, this is a major breakthrough! And of course it can only get better. iFrotz may currently be the best mobile interpreter for IF right now.

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I had the opportunity to speak with Twine creator Chris Klimas about the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation, a new non-profit that supports the IF community and creations.

Has anyone found a way to have two conditions in an if statement?

How would you sell games you make?

I haven't talked to anyone about a gaming engine. What do you guys think on inform 7?

I'm writing an scifi novel and think it would be cool to make an interactive fiction came based on the universe of the novel.

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Hadean Lands is launching on Steam on June 20th!

Please pass this around because a poor indie developer needs to buy a new computer. Possibly two.

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A new version of ADRIFT V5 has been released.

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XYZZY Awards transcript, (AKA The Brendan Patrick Hennessy Memorial Ceremony) Abridged
I have captured the actual award bits of the ceremony, bolding categories and winners with some surrounding "crowd noise" for atmosphere, and calling out quotes from award-winners.  I apologize if I missed any particularly enjoyable exchanges or bon mot fro...
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