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I am very grateful to all the charming gardeners I had the pleasure of spending time with this past weekend. My heart sings.

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His soul still haunts me in the darkness it taunts me

It make me realize every thing that i did wrong

that's why its just keep rolling along

He doesn't make me fear the nights cause

he is trying to make me believe in sunlight that's too bright That why every night he comes in my dream

scares me up that i start to scream

Later do i realize that it was not my nightmare

it was my own picture at which i had glare

On the other side of mirror there is something that gives me stare

that how could i ruin my life just like this and how could i dare To abolish every decision i had made

to just bury the success that its starts to fade I gathered my courage to step ahead no matter how

much broken down i may be to keep high my head Today i got assured it was not his spirit it was his values

in me that did what it needed to do make me come of the shore He is so far away though i still want him to haunt me some more....




Each Night
I Put My Head To My Pillow I Try To,
Tell Myself I'm Strong I’ve Gone One More Day... Without u.

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I saw u in a wedding my heart kept beating a little more
Cause what i saw was just too adorable to adore
You were the last piece of my unsolved puzzle
That's why the winds blew hard and it began to drizzle
Just to talk with you i did everything possible Your beauty left me senseless that i made life of nearby miserable
I just wanted my wish to come true that in the scotching sunlight
I would lie in the shade of you
Then came the moment our words exchanged
It felt like my fortune has just changed My every step towards you became a success
how lucky am i , i started to guess
With every day our love felt too strong
I thought that there is no step that i would take would be wrong
But in the beauty lived a wicked girl whose ambitions i didn't knew
My feeling for her with those passing days grew
Cause her sweet talks in the night made my life blessing in disguise
Little did i knew that it was all just dew ,within months my happiness flew
The thought that u left me alone didn't hurt me that much
Cause when u said there is no love story as such
I was madly in love with u that was my glory not for you but for me


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Everything is energy. The life force of all that is! Neither good nor bad, it just is!

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Last day of my college on which i wept there some secrets that i kept
I had smile on my face cause the memory too strong to deface
From the relief we got sitting in our hostels to the campaigning posters
And fixing our girlfriends standing in queue in campus
To the stomach aching jokes of our gang that made college a circus
Every semester we made a oath that we would study and make some growth
Bunking classes was our routine and canteen during summer turned to be our Halloween
Those chits which were our live Savior during the exams we turned out to be detective doing the live scan,of every move our teacher made she was detonate grenade with her eyes little did we knew
About time which flies and was melting like an ice
Those hugs would never get forgotten we made promises to never get broken but the day finally came bye with tears in our eyes we said goodbye.....
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We complicate life by overthinking it. Let go of the stories surrounding your life and be with whatever shows up.

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Life happens, but when we let our thoughts take over from 'what is' into 'why and how come' is where our pain and suffering begins.

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Spread the seeds of love, compassion and forgiveness to all wherever you are. Be the light that touches all.

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The deep feeling of peace, contentment and joy that arises when you are completely present disappears the moment you try to label it.
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