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Name: Tye
Race: human
Age: 18
Gender: male
Dragon parent:Silver(eternal dragon)
magic power: ice and fire and time but can use all others too
likes: ice, flying and eating food
Dislike: dump people asking dump questions
Appearance: 5 feet 7 inches bark hair blue eyes

im going o be gone this weekend 

Name: Ty
Race: human
Age: 19
Gender: male
Dragon parents are Queen Aurora and i travel with my sister dragon Steel how is 10 years old
Magic power: able to use all but manly uses ice magic
Likes: staring at the stars, having fun with friends
Dislikes: being stuck in council meetings
5 feet and 8 inches, dark hair, hazel eyes but can change to blue dragon eyes,
Bio: was adopted by Queen Aurora at berth for both of his parents died on earth and was brought back to Ether to like ther with her and her two daugters

can i be a child of a eternal dragon?
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